Kalambuyan Reef

Coron Island, Calamian Group

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A 30min boat ride in the north–west of Okikawa maru this dive-site is one of the best reefs in the region and offers you a beautiful, healthy environment under water with usually pleasant visibility and an excellent diversity of corals and fishes. It is also very good for underwater-photography because of the rich macro-stuff, especially nudibranch.

Sometimes strong current is calling for exciting drift-dives with a pick-up of the dive boat.

Because of its quite far distance from Coron-Town it is usually only possible to operate in a combination with the wrecks in the northwest part of Coron-Bay (Akitsushima and Okikawa Maru) or on a dive safari.

  • Green Nudi, Coron Palawan

    Green Nudi, Coron Palawan
  • Electric Clam, Coron Palawan

    Electric Clam, Coron Palawan
  • Razor Shrimp, Coron Palawan

    Razor Shrimp, Coron Palawan

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