Jaen Teär

Harju, Estonia

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Dive Jaen Teär


Jaen Teär
Max depth:39m
Hazards:nets, depth, darkness
Minimum level:AOWD+ deep diver
Jaen Teär is in Tallinn Bay to the west of Vahe-madal. The sailboat sank in 1944 and was built in Saaremaal in 1926. It sank because the fresh ice in wintertime cut through the hull. Grain was being transported at the time of sinking and that grain is there to this day. The helm is well preserved and there are remains of the compass on the decks. The wreck sits on its keel on 39m and is unfortunately on a shipping route. Special permit has to be obtained.

  • Jaen Teär

    Jaen Teär

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