HTMS Khram

Pattaya, Thailand

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Donated by the Thai Navy, and sunk on 30 January 2003 to provide an artificial reef, the ship lies between the depths of 15-30m. The HTMS Khram is teeming with marine life, large schools of Barracudas, Bat Fish, Jacks, Scorpion Fish, shrimps and crab. The soft corals are spectacular and the surface of the wreck is covered in shell life. A paradise for macro photographers.
This wreck offers fairly advanced wreck penetrations. A great site to develop your wreck diving skills. There are many things to discover inside the wreck as there are instrument gauges, lockers and desks, toilets and showers, an infirmary, mess room and kitchen, boilers and store rooms. Some small artifacts still lay in wait of being found.

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