Filitheyo Kandu

Nilandhe Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Filitheyo Kandu

Cave Reef Sharks Drift Wall

The main channel in North Nilandhe Atoll. A 2Km wide kandu with 3 main dive sites: Filitheyo Thila, Filitheyo Outside> and Dolphin corner. The whole area is a protected marine area and offers very different ways of diving to spend several days.

Filitheyo Thila is a reef with "U" shape, and the reef top goes from 10 to 20m, touching bottom at 30m. Lies in the middle of the Kandu and gets all the current. In the middle of the "U" there is a sand patch with stingrays. It is common to see big schools of fishes here. In the outside walls there are numerous caves and cavities, around 20 and 30m. This place attracts sharks, napoleons and eagle rays, usually with the strongest current.

Filitheyo Outside is the reef on the northern part of the kandu and goes along a narrow ridge to more than 30m depth. There are some coral outcrops in the slope, and many sweetlips can be found here.

Dolphin Corner has a similar shape but in the southern side, close to Maavaru Huraa. To dive this site you'll have to start in the outside of the atoll, with a steep wall, and then go inside the channel along the reef slope. Coral formations here are very beautiful, lots of blue finger sponges and feather stars. If the current is very strong is better to hold on a dead coral and watch all the grey reef sharks passing, napoleon, eagle rays and everything surrounded by big schools of fusilier and snappers.

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