East Tangat Gunboat

Coron Island, Calamian Group

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Pretty close to the east-shore of Tangat–Island, you can dive a small, 35m long Japanese anti-submarine-chaser and Tug-boat in shallow water of min. 3m down to max 19m. A perfect dive for beginners or a 3.rd dive of the day, and of course, for underwater-photographer! Her original Japanese name is Tamakaze.

The Crew of this boat most likely scuttled it after the air-raid because it is so close to the shore and there are no big damages. Together with Lusong-Gunboat it was one of the easiest wrecks of this fleet for locals as well for the commercial salvage-company (and later on for divers) to salvage all valuable items out and off.

However, this wreck is still a lovely dive, most of the time under very calm condition; the visibility varies from 5-15m. A plenty of fish-life around the wreck, with groupers, batfishes, crocodile-fish, the common coral-fishes and, especially on cloudy days or in the late afternoon, you can spot out the rare, spacey-colored, Mandarin-fish, hovering somewhere in the corals of the reef beside of the wreck. Only a very few options to penetrate, it is pretty easy to navigate on this wreck and for the more experienced divers possible to explore and play around in a buddy-team even without a guide. Located in the West of the south-west end of Tangat Island, this is an additional freight ship, 122m (400ft) long with 5.000 G.R.T., was sunk by the Americans in 1944. It lies in 30m (98ft) almost upright at the bottom of the sea. The main deck is in 18-24m (59-79ft). The freight ship suits best to train ship wreck diving. The storage rooms are easily accessible. The stock of fish is rich of species. There are some big puffer fish and many big red lion fish and scorpion fish, a lonesome bumphead parrotfish, shoals of batfish, snappers, six-banded angelfish and countless sponges. If the visibility is good this is an excellent wreck for photographing. Its conditions are mostly calm with slight currents that can become very strong on spring tide. Visual Range between 8m (26ft) and 15m (49ft).

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