Buoyancy World

Koh Tao, Thailand

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Buoyancy World is an artificial dive site that has been created to take pressure off exisiting dive sites. The idea is that it not only creates new habitats but offers instructors a training area where they can take students learning buoyancy. Student divers have something fun and interesting to see but are not in danger of damaging themselves or the coral whilst mastering their buoyancy control.
I’ve visted a couple of times now and find it fun. Instructors were checking it out with their students and I understand its becoming quite popular for navigation excercises too. Even on my first visit just a few days after it went in I was suprised how much life has moved in. A few weeks later there was even more life. It’ll be an interesting one to watch and document.

  • buoyancy world

    buoyancy world
  • coral replanting

    coral replanting
  • Buoyancy World

    Buoyancy World

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Kimberly January 7th, 2014 - 1:19:
Good for students and new divers to have fun and work on their buoyancy. Not a whole lot else going on except for man made structure from the surrounding dive sites. Worth a look if you have the time. If not, you aren't missing much.

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