Ben's Cavern

Grand Bahama - Freeport, Bahamas

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Dive Ben's Cavern

Ambiance Cave Fresh water

Ben?s Cavern is a sinkhole part of a very wide underwater cave system. Ben's is the easiest cavern dive.

At about 9-10m deep is the thermocline: 24?C for the fresh water, approx 29?C for the salted water.

Normally Ben's is closed in the summer because migratory bats nest there. An additional $10 entrance fee is charged by the Lucayan National Park.

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J.D. Johnson April 29th, 2014 - 21:03:
Been here before Ben it's a great cave dive ! :) if your not a experienced diver it might not be for you but only problem I had was my 2nd stage o'ring failed and I ripped off regulator & left the gear in cave life was mine and more important than gear so made it back without a regulator just my tank and got all I needed from my tank without a regulator made diving much more than a normal dive ! What I did isn't taught in s.c.u.b.a. Schools however,being a navy u.d.t. Diver Helped me make this dive and more important the regulator was band new so being safe is much more important :)

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