Sea Star II Wreck

Grand Bahama - Freeport, Bahamas

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Dive Sea Star II Wreck


Diving in Sea Star II Wreck is Good
You can find Interesting Typically, visibility is Good ( 10 - 30 m)
The average depth is 18.3 m / 60 ft although the maximum depth you can reach is 27.4 m / 89.9 ft
To reach Sea Star II Wreck you have to do it By boat
This dive site is best suited for All divers divers.

This 180 foot freighter was sunk in April 2002 in 90 feet of water.

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December 29th, 2015 - 6:28:
I was in Freeport Bahamas on Dec 18 2015 on the Carnival Pride. I have dove with Unexso before and they have always been great. This is a deep dive (90 ft to bottom) Visibility was excellent and we got some wonderful pictures with the Go Pro camera. The ship was sunk for divers and wildlife and it does not disappoint. Many fish call this wreck home and an eel lives in the stones in the hold of the ship. You can swim into areas of the ship and not feel caged in. Because of the depth it was a short dive but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Be prepared for large waves on the surface but it was well worth it.

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