Barracuda Lake

Coron Island, Calamian Group

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Dive Barracuda Lake

Ambiance Fresh water

Located in the middle of the north-west coast of Coron Island further inland, the access is by boat. In the north-west coast of Coron Island there's a cave with limestone cliffs, exactly between Pimaa Point and Balolo Point. In the middle of the bay there is a gap in the cliffs at sea level. You have to climb 3m (10ft) through this gap (quite steep!!), turn right and climb up the 8m (26ft) limestone column with sharp edges. Proceed 4m (13ft) diagonal to the right, turn left and climb down to the lake through two narrow canals (10min from the boat). It is quite easy to climb the rocks, but because of the sharp edges you need boots or sandals and you shouldn't be afraid of height. With the complete diving equipment it is a little exhausting and some people make a 2-day trip out of it. Just because of the landscape it is worth the climbing.

This is a unique dive. The turquoise coloured freshwater lake is fed by a hot spring. And also the channels connecting with the sea bring in sea water. If you leave the walls further descending, the water gets warmer. In a depth of 30m (98ft) the thermometer shows 38-40°C (105F). There is not much to see in the very warm water, but the scenary looks like out of a fantasy movie, and if you return to the walls of the lake, two almost 1m (3.3ft) long Barracudas might be there. (hence the name of the place). At the seaside of the lake there is obviously an interaction between fresh and salt water because there you will find sea species like small shoals of rabbit fish, some snappers, coral catfish and different kinds of prawns and sea shells.

Conditions: Calm lake between steep cliffs protecting the lake. Visual Range varies, close to the surface it is 30m (98ft) and where cold and warm water mix it is blurred. The top 4m of the lake water is fresh sweet water, below it is salt water. Temperatures range from 28 (from surface to 18m) to 40 degrees Celsius (from 14m to 35m). At approx. 35m the water changes from clear water to a brown color. There is also a 30m penetration cave, at the bottom of the lake. Take care !!!

UPDATE 2011: Nowadays there has been built a platform and some stairs to help tourist and divers reach the lake in easier conditions.

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