Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

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Dive Amphoras

Ambiance Wreck Reef

The name of this site derives from 17th century shipwreck of a Turkish vessel with a cargo of amphoras containing mercury. Amphoras lies southwest of Tower and is generally dived in the afternoon as a drift. The topography is quite simple, a sandy slope that begins at 12m that has many coral pinnacles to explore for small pipefish, nudibranch and scorpionfish hiding amongst the nooks and crannies. Although there are not many, the remains of the Turkish vessel cargo are always fascinating. The most interesting part lies between 18m and 25m.

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Kasper March 22nd, 2012 - 5:06:
At Amphoras there have been spotted leopard sharks, it also hold possibilities to spot turtles and small stuff like nudibranches and different shrimps around the amphoras.

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