Agincourt Reef

Port Douglas, Queensland

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Dive Agincourt Reef

Big Fishes Reef Drift Wall

Agincourt Reef is a series of many smaller reefs. It has at least 16 different dive sites including; Point Break, Three Sisters, Horseshoe Reef and the Fish Bowl. Range of dives incl. wall, drift, etc.

Pieces of a Taiwanese wreck are featured at The Wreck; Giant clams and Maori wrasse appear at all the sites. Look for big fish and turtles, and meander in the coral gardens and look for garden eels. At the Nursery Bommie look for two giant morays (they can be aggressive attimes!)

Huge clouds of fairy basslets and other planktivores hover out in the current. Look for yellow-striped barracuda, see lionfish, drummer, unicornfish, clownfish and their host anemones in theshallower sections. Explore around the clumps of staghorn clumps and boulder corals.

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