Dive in Togian Islands

    Island Retreat Togian Islands, Indonesia

    When you visit us at Island Retreat, you will find one of the last untouched places in the world. Within twenty to forty minutes from the Retreat, you will find the three major reef formations - fringing reef, barrier reef, and atoll. It is rare to come across all 3 formations in one place. The…

    Walea Dive & SPA Resort Togian Islands, Indonesia

    Walea Dive & SPA Resort is a small resort that counts 13 sea-front cottages, located on the island of Waleabahi, part of Togian Island archipelago, in Central Sulawesi. It’s situated in the centre of a Protected Area that offers its guests more than two hundred square kilometres of uncontaminated…

    Black Marlin Dive Centre Togian Islands, Indonesia

    Walea Dive Center Resort… Togian Islands, Indonesia