Dive in Raja Ampat

    KLM Euphoria Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    As the owner of a ship KLM “Euphoria” which is sailing on the waters of Indonesia, we prepared touristic offer , who may be the adventure of life.Since 2000, we organized the survival expedition in New Guinea and Borneo, combine diving and pioneering adventures on land. Exploring uncharted…
    Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort

    Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Eco friendly resort located in Gam Island. Close to the main dive sites of Raja Ampat. Unique resort with white sand in the area.No more than 14 guests, best food in the area (at least is what our clients say) and real Eco Concept ... Energy 24x7 is served by Solar Energy.

    Meridian Adventure Dive Resort Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    We are proud to be an eco-conscious Dive Resort and consider the environmental and socio-economical effect of every aspect of our operation. We believe that we have a duty to change how people view the ocean and the communities that surround it.We’re changing the dive industry by letting every…

    Mantra Dive and Sail Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Mantra Dive and Sail offers Luxury Liveaboard Experience, with diving and sailing tours to most amazing spots around Indonesian Archipelago: Raja Ampat, Komodo, North Maluku and Banda Sea.Diving in Indonesia is exquisite experience that will make you fall in love with this country; natural…

    Waiwo Dive Center Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Our place have long white sand beach with a beautiful wooden jetty, where you can enjoy starry night at Raja Ampat.Our price is for one person included three time meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with free coffee and tea on the restaurant.We located at Raja Ampat, the best diving destination in…
    Neomi Cruise

    Neomi Cruise Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Neomi Cruise was built on 2018 and had its first time sailing on 2020.We take a modern concept of the traditional Bugis sailing ship adapted for today`s travel comfort which serves diving and leisure trips throughout the Indonesian archipelago.Neomi has ten cabins for maximum of twenty guests. All…

    Swan Diving Raja Ampat Resort Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    We are an exclusive dive resort on a private island in North Raja Ampat, West Papua Indonesia.

    Misool Eco Resort Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    MSY Seahorse Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    MV Raja Ampat Explorer Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Papua Diving Kri Island Eco… Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Voyager Raja Ampat, Indonesia