Grand Bahama - Freeport, Bahamas

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Conveniently located on the Port Lucaya Marina, the shopping Mecca of beautiful Freeport Grand Bahama, UNEXSO offers a wide variety of diving and dolphin experiences. The most popular is our dolphin swims, this is where you can swim and interact with the dolphins in a protected lagoon. You will enjoy a perfect mix of dolphin behaviors and relaxed swimming.

With seven boats in our fleet it’s a quick thirty minute ride to the vast coral reef cities. UNEXSO BoatsThe local favourite is the amazing Theo’s Wreck sunk by UNEXSO in 1982. New wrecks were added, namely the Sea Star, sunk in 2002 and the La Rose was recently sunk in 2006. UNEXSO has been the pioneer on the island with the introduction of diving with trained dolphins, feeding Caribbean reef sharks and diving into the unknown at Ben’s Cavern. We also offer reef and night dives along with dive packages that vary throughout the year. After a great day of diving you can relax poolside at the Dive In Marina Bar & Restaurant while you treat your taste buds to a Bahamian meal or good old fashioned cheeseburger.

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