Ticao Island Resort

Ticao Island Resort

Ticao, Masbate

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Bask in the native flair of Philippine beauty on one of the untouched and yet to be discovered islands of the Philippines. Withdraw to the tranquility of nature on an island with crystal blue waters, white sand and the shade of hundreds of coconut trees.

Bind with mother nature and be awestricken with what she has kept secret – dive with the Manta Ray at our house reef, the Manta Bowl; swim alongside the gentle giants of the sea, the whale sharks; behold the diversity of the corals and marine life at the heart of the ocean; sing praises of the perfect cone shape formation of Mayon Volcano; relish local culture and history with the stories of the locals; strengthen your spirit under the moon as you cruise down the river lined with mangroves illuminated by thousands of fireflies in promenade; or simply surrender to the tropical breeze and listen to voices of nature’s spirits.

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Ticao Island Resort is surrounded by several dive sites where you have the choice of big or small. Some dive sites, like the Manta Bowl, is the cleaning and feeding station of the Oceanic Manta. Furthermore, the waters where Ticao lies – Ticao Pass and Burias Pass is known for the plankton rich water and constant current. Such traits make the waters of Ticao an alley for other pelagics like Whale Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Hammerheads, and Tiger Sharks.

For more relaxing and colourful dives, visit the reefs of Ticao Island and that of nearby islands. Be awestruck by the colourful creatures and corals. Best of all, in such a full and rich ecosystem, admire how each bit of life co-exists.


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