Big Fins Dive Center Ticao

Big Fins Dive Center Ticao

Ticao, Masbate

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Big Fins Dive Center in Ticao Island, Philippines in partnership with Ticao Altamar Resort.

We are a small dive center in a privileged environment of nature and without tourist crowds,
ecologic and upmarket model.

Our perfectly qualified professionals will guide you to discover the dive sites of our main diving area in Bicol region with the purpose

to enjoy our top areas : Manta Bowl and San Miguel.

More information about Big Fins Dive Center Ticao

For certified divers who are looking to do some fun diving Ticao Island is the main diving area in Bicol region. The island is surrounded by several dive sites where you have the choice of big or small stuff. The dive sites are 30 minutes to 1 hour away from Big Fins dive Center. The main diving areas are the Manta Bowl Shoal and San Miguel. Manta Bowl is only 30 minutes away from the dive center, with 7 different areas where you can find Manta Rays all year around and Whale sharks from November to June, you are also going to be able to see other kind of reef sharks like the black tip and white tip shark as so as eagle rays and big schools of jack fish and tunas. San Miguel, is an archipelago located at the northern part of Ticao. Takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to arrive there but once there you can dive in 16 different dive sites. Each dive site has it’s own unique flair, but on general dive sites here are known for the beautiful soft coral gardens that cover the shallow waters and the macro critters such as orangutan crabs, sea horses, nudibranches, shrimps and others.

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