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Rasdhoo Atoll, Maldives

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We offer the best world class diving in SSI, PADI and RAID. We just 10 minutes away from Hammerhead shark point. We conduct dive courses as OWD, AOW, RR and much more.

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Looking for the best diving in Rasdhoo? The Rasdhoo Dive Club prides itself on its skilled, professional team, dedicated to giving you the best underwater adventure while exploring the wonders of the beautiful marine life in the Maldives. We are a local family running the Rasdhoo Dive Club, as well as four guesthouses: Rasdhoo Holiday Home, Rasreef Maldives, Rasbeach Inn and Rasdhoo Coralville. Our business is 100% locally owned, allowing us to offer a relaxed and friendly service. The Dive Club philosophy is to take small groups for relaxed, private dives, with all the hospitality of local culture. Our home is the small atoll of Rasdhoo, consisting of four islands and three sandbanks. It lies off the north-eastern corner of Ari Atoll, about 33 nautical miles west north-west of Male. The close proximity to North Ari atoll makes it easily accessible to some of the Maldives’ most legendary dive sites, but far away enough from the bustle of Male to bring tranquillity and undisturbed marine life. The islands of Rasdhoo include two resort islands (Kuramathi Island Resort and Veligandu Island Resort) one local inhabited island (Rasdhoo) and one uninhabited picnic island. The islands are linked by a long reef like a ring. Rasdhoo is divers’ heaven, boasting many dive points which can be reached by speedboat in less than 20 minutes. Rasdhoo also has the advantage of being close to North Ari Atoll which features some of the famous Maldivian dive points, such as Maya Thila and Fish Head. It is possible to dive in the Maldives all year around. The wet Season with rain, winds and waves runs from May to August reducing the visibility, but diving is still good it is usually heavy short rains followed by sunshine. The best visibility and dry weather is from December to March. The hottest season is from April to June. The high plankton density in May reduces visibility but does attract Manta Rays and Whale Sharks! The best season for scuba diving is from January to April with very good visibility and excellent sea conditions. Your stay We are a local family running the Rasdhoo Dive Club, as well as four guesthouses: Rasdhoo Holiday Home, RasbeachInn, We look forward to offering you pleasant, comfortable surroundings in which to relax and enjoy your time out of the water NOTES, Rasdhoo Island is the Capital of Rasdhoo Atoll, facilities include, 3 modern restaurants, Local marts, many souvienier shops, Pharmacy, Hospital, Bank and ATM, decompression chamber is just 5 minutes away from Rasdhoo as if any urgency. If you are already in Rasdhoo, the local hospital can do the medical check for you. The appointment will usually happen on the same day and will cost around US$10. Diving Dive sites Rasdhoo Atoll is located northeast of Ari Atoll (also known as ‘North Ari’) and is renowned amongst divers who seek larger species. The best dive sites around the island include Manta Point, Hammerhead Point, Madivaru Corner, and the Rasdhoo Channel. Rasdhoo Atoll is a comparatively small atoll and most of the dive sites are on the outside of the reef, meaning we have deep water nearby (up to 160m) and this attracts many pelagic species. We have different types of dive sites, varying between channels, walls, reefs and thilas. We even have three wrecks (40m, 34m and 7m long) in the atoll, the first of which we dive regularly. Drift diving gently with the current along the outer wall of the atoll is usually easy and well suited to dives of every level, while channel dives can have more current and are more challenging, so suited to advanced level divers with good buoyancy. Madivaru Corner Suitable for all levels, this is easily one of the best dives sites if you like sharks. We follow the reef wall down to 18m until we reach the corner. Here, in strong current, we can take hold of some dead rock, and watch the spectacular display of reef sharks and eagle rays passing in front of us, often in great numbers. We are usually surrounded by a profusion of red-toothed triggerfish, batfish and anthias. The abundance of fish life in the strong current is superb. Schools of trevallies, barracudas and jackfish are frequent visitors and if we are lucky, we can see a solitary, enormous tuna cruise past. As we follow the reef along, we have a good chance of seeing huge napoleon wrasses and turtles. Advanced certified divers can go a little deeper and see the white tip reef sharks and giant sting rays resting on the sand. For sure, this will be a dive you want to repeat. Be aware, the current can be medium to very strong. Hammerhead Point Suitable only for advanced certified divers with excellent buoyancy, this is an early morning dive to see the elusive hammerhead shark. The boat drops us into blue water dive, where there is no reef or bottom to give you a visual reference as to your position. The blue plankton look like shining flakes of glitter in the water around you and unicorn fish will play around your face and amongst your bubbles. Even if the hammerheads don’t appear, it is a beautiful dive. Manta Block Suitable for divers of all levels, with a maximum depth of 14m, this site is one of our favourites. When there is a bit of current, this large coral block is the place that the manta rays come to be cleaned. We descend to the sand near the pinnacle and wait for the mantas to begin flying gracefully through the water above us. If we are calm and still, the mantas may approach closely, their fins sweeping just above our heads. Other visitors to the block include pods of dolphins and solitary sharks cruising past. Caves Suitable for divers of all levels, this is a wall dive along the reef stretching out from Kuramathi Island. The caves are a series of shallow ledges found between 18 and 30m. One of the ledges at 22m is large enough to do a very pretty swim-through, taking care of the coral as we pass. Under the ledges, we can find white tip reef sharks and giant stingrays resting on the sand. The wall features beautiful fan corals and a variety of triggerfish species, as well as cod and groupers, puffer fish and parrotfish. Looking out to the sea, we can see sharks, tuna and travelly cruising slowly beneath us. As our tanks get emptier, we work our way up the wall to the life and colour at the top of the reef at 5m, where we do a drifting safety stop. Rasdhoo Channel Suitable only for advanced divers with good buoyancy, this dive takes us down to 25m, where the edge of the atoll drops off to the deep ocean water. Here, in the channel between Rasdhoo and Kuramathi Island, we can see the occasional leopard shark or giant stingray on the sandy bottom, before encountering many reef sharks passing in front of us above the drop-off. The stronger the current, the more sharks we can see. Guided diving Your enjoyment and safety are our priorities. For this reason, we try to keep groups small, and ideally, divers of similar ability will be grouped together. Our local dive masters have many years’ experience guiding in these locations and they read the conditions to offer you the best dives possible at the time. We will work with you to prepare an itinerary that will give you the best chance to see the marine life that you are hoping for. Courses Try Scuba Diving Our professional team will guide you through your first steps underwater and ensure that you have an excellent first diving experience. The entry-level course is Try Scuba Diving for Non Certified Divers. It lasts just two hours, but you will discover the amazing appeal and wonder of scuba diving – the feeling of weightlessness, breathing underwater, and swimming with (and like) the fish! Scuba Diver Course For students who don’t have time or aren’t ready to complete a full Open Water course, this is an entry-level course, which certifies you to dive with a PADI/SSI professional to a maximum of 12m. This course can be done in as little as two days. It covers half the theory of the Open Water course as well as half of the confined and open water skills. This course is perfect for guests who want to get a certification so that on the next holiday they do not have to start as a total beginner again. This qualification is valid as a stand-alone certification without any time restriction and of course the possibility exists to upgrade in two days to the Open Water Diver. Open Water Course For people who want to get certified to dive anywhere in the world, to a maximum depth of 18m. The course takes three to four days and includes dive theory and a theory exam, as well as the in-water lessons. The course begins in very shallow water to get you comfortable with the basic skills, before moving into progressively deeper water where you practice the skills and learn to dive independently as part of a buddy-team. During your course, you will have a great opportunity to see turtles, rays, sharks, morays and numerous other reef fish. Advanced Open Water Course For divers who want to go beyond 18m and build their diving skills and knowledge, the advanced course is a mostly practical course with a small theory component and knowledge reviews, but no final exam. The course consists of five dives. A deep dive and a navigation dive are mandatory. The three other dives can be chosen depending on your interest, from learning greater buoyancy control, diving from a boat, drift diving, night diving, wreck diving, fish identification… Each of these dives is the first dive from that specialty course and can be counted towards achieving the specialty certification at your instructor’s discretion. Specialty Courses Please contact us for information. Emergency First Response Course TBA Rescue Course TBA DIVE RATES Dive rates for travel agents. Below rates including Tax, Gears, Boat charges And rate goes down with addition of dives and divers, discounted more numbers and more divers. Below rates are for Certified Divers (OW, AOW..etc) Please add us online number for convenient chats +9609123623 . mail us to rasdhoodiveclub@gmail.com Below rates including Tax, Gears, Boat charges And rate goes down with addition of dives and divers, discounted by more numbers and more divers. Below rates are for Certified Divers (OW, AOW..etc) per person rates. Certified Divers / package dives per person 1-2 Dives = $50 USD (1 day) 3-6 Dives = $46 USD (2 days) 6-8 Dives = $43 USD (3 or 4 days) 8-12 Dives = $40 USD (5 or 6 days) 12-18 Dives = $35 USD (6 or 8 days) Try scuba diving DSD,( for beginners, first time Dive.) Rates are per person. 1 person $85 2 person $80 3 person $75 4 person $70 5 to 6 person $65. OW course /SSI 1 person - $415 Per person 2-3 person - $400 per person 3-4 person - $380 per person DIVE PACKAGES Agent Dive package Rates. ***************************** NOTES ........... Please add us online number for convenient chats +9609123623 . mail us to : rasdhoodiveclub@gmail.com Below rates are for Certified Divers (OW, AOW..etc) per person rates Rates including Tax, Gears, Boat charges, rate goes down with addition of dives and divers, discounted by more numbers and more divers. MEALS ............ Add to below rates 1 extra meal 12usd per person 2 extra meal 24usd per person December/January/February ******************************* Bed & Breakfast (BB) /ROOM/3 Dives per day. 1person: 199usd per night. 2person: 348usd per night. March/ November ********************* Bed & Breakfast (BB) /ROOM/3 Dives per day. 1person: 176usd per night. 2person: 304usd per night. April/May/June/July/August ******************************** Bed & Breakfast (BB) /ROOM/3 Dives per day. 1person: 152usd per night. 2person: 268usd per night. September/ October ************************** Bed & Breakfast (BB) /ROOM/3 Dives per day. 1person: 160usd per night. 2person: 279usd per night. Certified Divers / package dives per person ******************************************** 1-2 Dives = $53 USD (1 day) 3-6 Dives = $50 USD (2 days) 6-8 Dives = $46 USD (3 or 4 days) 8-12 Dives = $43 USD (5 or 6 days) 12-18 Dives = $39 USD (6 or 8 days) DSD, Try scuba diving (for beginners, first Dive) rates are for per person. 1 person $80 2 person $75 3 person $70 4 person $68 5 to 6 and more $65. OW course 1 person - $430 Per person 2-3 person - $420 per person 3-4 person - $400 per person TRANSFER DETAILS FROM AIRPORT TO RASDHOO HOTELS Dear Sir/Madam Ferry schedule Thank you for booking with our hotel. We look forward to make your stay at this Hotel a memorable and enjoyable one. Meanwhile, please share with us your arrival/flight details so we would be receiving you at the a8irport to make everything easy and comfortable. Please do not hesitate to tell us your suggestions and preferences to make your holiday a memorable one. We are always pleased to welcome you Arrival to Airport Please send us your arrival information’s/ arrival flight details. After arrival please go to Information desk. Please call us to 7984445 or 9997785. They do free calls. Airport staff will come to meet you and take you to Speedboat. Please stay near information TRANSFER DETAILS. (How to access Rasdhoo Island from Airport) Please mail/contact us to book transfers, Simple route to ferry boats to Rasdhoo Island Our online number is. Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber +9609123623 Note: Please choose your choice from the below 4 transfer options, reply us to book the transfers and send us a reminder mail 3 days before your arrival.On arrival to airport, it is better to call our contacts below from airport help desk, or please buy a local SIM card (USD $3) from the shop next to arrival gate, SIM card will be activated in 5 minutes , most easy way to reach is Airport Staff, +9609123623, GIVE A CALL TO OUR TEAM ON ANY URGENCY (+960 9123623, +960 7984445, +960 7781606)) and for transfers. Please change USD maybe, $50 to local Rufiyaa to pay for ferry (Airport to male $1 and taxi to ferry ($3 TO $4), paying in Rufiyaa (local money) is easy for Male city needs, and public ferry tickets you can buy directly from Viligili ferry terminal counter, Speedboat ferry at , you can pay to hotel reception upon arrival. Rasdhoo Island is accessible by public ferryboat, private Speedboat ferry, chartered speedboat or seaplane transfer. Please contact the guesthouse in advance to arrange the transfer, with your arrival details and full names of all guests. The cost of the transfer is not included in the room rate, and is to be paid upon check-in ******************************* 1- Speed boat transfer Speedboats come to Airport to pick (arrival) the guests and drop (departure) the guests Arrival: Private ferry boats leaves at 10:30am morning and 04pm from Airport and Male city, (40USD per person, below 3 years kids on lap is free) take about 1 hour to reach Rasdhoo Island. Private ferry boats operate every, 7 days a week (10;30am and 4pm Male to Rasdhoo / Rasdhoo to Male 7:30am and 1:30pm). Friday's 9:30am arrival Male&Airport / departure from Rasdu ti Airport and male 1:45pm) Location; from Male city (Jetty 6, infront of Sri lankan bank, please tell this port name to taxi driver) (Boat names are , Coral, Nevi), please tell the boat crew the hotel name and mobile number of hotel) Departure from Rasdhoo at 07:30am and 1:30pm afternoon on same days, from Rasdhoo harbor. 2-Speedboat transfer by Kuramathi Resort, Arrival/Everyday 7days a week, Arrivals before 10am every day, boat depart from Airport (Kuramathi resort) please see counter number 4 on arrival gate, please call Airport (+960 9123623, +9607984445 +960 7781606,) $80 per person per way. Departure: Everyday from Kuramathi to Airport 6am in the morning. 3- Public transport Port name, Viligili ferry terminal Male city * Arrival/Male to Rasdhoo/ Monday and Thursday 9am departure from male city, 12pm reach Rasdhoo hotel. * Departure/Rasdu to Male / Sunday and Wednesday 11am departure from Rasdhoo hotel reach male 2:45pm ******************* 4- Chartered speedboats Take about 1 hour to reach Rasdhoo Island and costs about USD 550-650 per trip per way. Please mail us to book ************************************ 5. Seaplanes Take about 15 minutes to reach Rasdhoo Island and costs about USD268 per person per way. Advance booking of up to 1 day prior to arrival is required. - Sea plane ($268 per person, one way) also available all the days any time, please mail us to book. Thank you *Add us Online +9609123623. Rasdhoo Holiday Home Team (WeChat, Viber, WhatsApp +9609123623, )

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