Ecomarine - Gunter's Dive Shop

Ecomarine - Gunter's Dive Shop

Utila, Honduras

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First aid kit = Yes
Oxygen = Yes
Decompression chamber < 50km = Yes
Handicapped accessible = No
House riff = Yes
Equipment rental = Yes
Nitrox rental = Yes
Rebreather rental = No
Computer rental = Yes
Camera rental = Yes
Photo processing = No
Digital camera rental = Yes
Digital photo processing = Yes
Video rental = No
Children diving = Yes
Charging station = Yes

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Reviews (1)

Rick September 11th, 2013 - 21:51:
Big Family, super relaxed. Great deal. Interesting people. Quieter part of town, still across the street from Skidrow Bar. Their own hostel, something like 200L a night when your diving with them. Real Nice!

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