Dive in Maracay

Diving packages in Maracay

Choroni - Cepe 4 fun boat dives

We make boat diving, 2-3 dives per day in different places. Our boat is 8 m long and comfortable - so no need for the clients to carry equipment as in the case of diving from the beach where, as well, the underwater landscape doesn't have much to offer and is usually very shallow. At the surface interval we come back to Cepe

Discover Scuba Diving, Diving!!!

Discover Scuba Diving - this non-certification course is an introduction for the novice, basically those who do not have any previous scuba diving experience, but would like to find out what diving is all about. This course is entertaining as well as educational but does not provide an certified diving qualification. If you have never tried diving before but would like to see if it's for you then…

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