Dive in Mindanao

Diving in Mindanao

The Philippines, being the center of the coral triangle is known to have a very diverse and dense marine life, but save for Samal and Davao, the dive sites of Mindanao are rarely mentioned in the dive books or online sites.

One of the underwater jewels of Mindanao is the diving spots in Northern Mindanao, specifically the waters surrounding the Agutayan Island known as Agutayan Marine Sanctuary, off the coast of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. The island, virtually a sandbar is surrounded by green waters that is rich with marine life that houses the endangered giant clams.  Also Lionfish of all sizes are everywhere, nudibranch, anemones, angel fish, trigger fish, groupers, hammerheads, gorgonians, pufferfish, porcupines and various colorful fishes roam underwater.

Other dive sites nearby are the Constansia Reef, Sipaka Point, Talisayan Shoal, the World War II wreck in Sta. Ines, Duka Bay in Medina and its underwater springs, Punta Diwata, and Manongul in Mantangale, Balingoan, all in Misamis Oriental. In Camiguin Island, there is the Old Volcano, Sunken Cemetery, Jigdup and Burias Shoal, Cabuan Point and Mantigue Island.

Camiguin Action Geckos Cottages

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Mindanao covers one third of the country's total land area and is the center for agriculture and agri-based industries, consisting of fertile agricultural lands, fisheries, huge mineral deposits and extensive forests.

Mindanao is a unique melting pot that showcases manifold traditions, customs and arts contributing to the island's dominantly ethnic image. Mindanao consists of picturesque plains and highland lakes of South Cotabato, fertile plantations plateaus and trekking tracks of Bukidnon; rugged mountain ranges, mangrove clusters and unexplored caves of Surigao.

Rare flora and fauna can be found plentiful. Island resorts and diving in Davao; unsullied beaches and fresh seafood catches of Jolo; hot spring and chilly waterfalls of Iligan; and the colonial forts of Zamboanga makes this area a fascinating spot one likes to explore.

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