Dive in Acapulco

Diving in Acapulco


Acapulco isn’t really known for its diving and snorkelling, but if you take a chance here there are some great sites to discover and the ocean is rich in sea life.  There are about 20 or so sites, for every level of diver, but visibility can vary considerably depending on the currents –sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes not.

If you’re a beginner then La Roqueta Island offers calm, clear waters with an abundance of fish. Experienced divers can also enjoy this site as there are some caves to explore.  There’s also an underwater shrine, which is rather interesting.  Beginners can also enjoy Caleta and Caletilla dive sites. Puerto Marques is a shallow dive but you can see lots of cool stuff.  If you love wreck diving then the ship ‘Rio de la Plata’, sunk in 1944 is going to be the dive for you. 

On the dives in the area expect to see things such as jacks, mackerel, trumpetfish, sea stars, huge gorgonian coral, sometimes schools of eagle rays, balloonfish and much more.  

Advanced drift divers can enjoy ‘Las Cuevas’ with great swim throughs and rock formations and if the conditions are good then ask about ‘Bufadero’.  For a special advanced dive, Los Bajos de la Quebrada is right near the cliffs where the people jump and if you’re very lucky and the season is right, you might find yourself diving with a humpback whale or a whaleshark!

If you prefer snorkelling then La Roqueta Island, Caleta and Caletilla are the best places to go and a trip can be booked from your hotel including lunch, equipment etc.  You’ll enjoy relaxing on the beaches in these beautiful places too.  

(By Kelly Luckman)


Travel to Acapulco


Known as the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’, Acapulco’s fabulous beaches and 24 hour nightlife has made this destination popular over the years, attracting famous stars such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor.  It’s a huge city with crazy traffic and a lot of crime, and if you stick to the beaches then you’ll have trouble avoiding the annoying vendors around every corner.  So if you’re coming here for the quiet life, think again!

If staying here, there are some exciting and extraordinary things to experience.  The most amazing one being the cliff divers at La Quebrada.  For almost 100 years the locals have been diving head first off these cliffs, falling 37 metres into shallow waters, doing tricks or carrying torches on the way down.  It’s very dangerous but extremely entertaining and a show not to be missed.

Other things to do include The Cathedral, Fort of San Diego, Chapel of Peace, the Convention Centre and the main plaza in the centre of town, ‘The Zocalo’ is worth a look too.  All the families come out on Sundays along with bands, vendors and a balloon man to entertain the kids.  

Any type of water sport is available along the beaches, water skiing being the most popular.  For a quieter beach check out ‘Barra Vieja’, and for a gorgeous sunset travel 10 miles northwest of Acapulco to ‘Pie de la Cuesta’.  Take a trip to one of the lagoons: ‘Coyuca’ or ‘Tres Palos’ to try your first waterskiing experience on the smooth, glassy waters.

You can fly to Acapulco from Mexico City, Guadalajara or a few US cities, or if you’re feeling more adventurous hire a car or take the bus from the capital.  Choose your accommodation carefully, as you don’t want to end up in a residential area where crime is a problem.  Always be careful of your valuables and find out the safe areas to walk at night.  Research this city thoroughly online before you go.  

(By kelly Luckman)


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