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PADI Open Water Diver

(4 confined sessions / 4open water dives), Duration: 3-4 days. Minimum Age: 15 years – Max Depth 18m, This is an exciting introduction into the wonderful world of scuba diving. The PADI Open Water Course could be conducted over a three to four day period. During this course the students will be discussing & completing theory & practice sessions as well as open water dives. There is also a quizz…

Discover Scuba Diving

This half day course guides you gently into this wonderful and safe sport. Together with an experienced PADI Instructor you’ll first discuss many different topics regarding Marine Diving Safety, Scuba Diving Equipment, Necessary Scuba Diving Skills (Theory & Practice), Marine Life Awareness, Conservation and The Diving Environment. After this very interesting in-depth briefing a pool dive will…

Scuba Diving in Malta

Caves, tunnels, wrecks… That’s Malta. If you are looking for sublime sea life and hypnotic colours, I wouldn’t recommend this area. But if you are interested in history and like to explore, then Malta is perfect for you. Wreck dives are in abundant in that area of Malta, mostly man-made, probably to entice people to dive there, since the fish are not exactly something to write home about.

Malta's rocky coast has a playground of tunnels, reef wrecks and caves to explore. Most of the best sites are accessible from the shore. Well known diving sites such as Inland Sea and the nearby Blue Hole and Azure Window are located in the region near Gozo.

Most centres provide daily trips to hyped-up dive sites like the tunnels of Gozo and the cave dives of Comino. If you can travel by car up the coast I would recommend it as you are very accessible to great sites like The P29, Polynesian Wreck and the Maori Wreck and the beautiful cave dives of Gozo.

The best time to dive in Malta is Summer season for obvious reasons. Warm water and excitement in the city. But don’t let this deter you, Malta is surprisingly calm, noise and incident wise, in terms of tourist infection.

Water temperatures in their mid 20s and wetsuit is not required, except I would recommend one for night dives. Having experienced a few night dives in Malta it can get nippy out there but during the day it’s quite comfortable.

(By Aoibhe Searlait Ní Chinnéide)

Travel to Malta


Known for its famous year round weather and interesting history (dretched with a victorious fight for independence), Malta is a fantastic place to visit. As adventurous diving holidays you can not fault it with the deep tunnels and picturesque caves, but as well as that, its beautiful scenes and interesting stories make this a fantastic area to visit.

Malta has been known for friendly people but they really do themselves justice.

Looking for a nice place to get away as a family, as a group of divers or just as a couple of friends looking to relax? Malta provides unforgettable entertainment both above and below the surface.  With a fabulous water temperature for aquatic activities and fantastic views for sightseeing, this place really fits the bill when it comes to choosing a nice all round location. The fabulous weather makes it an inviting place to see when flying over it and the gorgeous food allows it to play on your mind look after you have left.

Warm atmosphere and friendly locals made Malta a nice little area for staying and diving in. There is a range of origins that fly to Malta, but any European city is a perfect getaway for a long weekend or a short trip. Arriving at Malta airport and Taxis are pretty cheap to get around and the drivers are friendly and helpful.

As far as accommodation, the hotels in the area are spacious and comfortable, supplying you with a range of activities for both adults and children. St. Juliens itself is an image of spectacular beauty and the central strip is a stone throw’s away from the beach. The food there is delicious and they cater for every taste from Pizza lovers to Crepe Chaser, the little strip there is a buzz of activity all day and night, full of entertaining nightlife for locals and tourists and pleasant areas during the day to walk around with a cold drink  or grab some lunch.

Also a walk away are scenes of breath-taking magnificence with the picturesque antediluvian buildings and exquisite ocean views. So perfect for your non-diving companion or for a nice walk to wind down from your diving day.

The local language is Maltese of course, but every place I went to for shopping and information spoke great English. One thing about Malta I will always miss: the fruit. The fruit there is cheap and tasty and very refreshing after a multiple dive day.

(By Aoibhe Searlait Ní Chinnéide)