Blue Hole

Gozo, Malta

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Dive Blue Hole

Ambiance Cave

A unique dive site.

From land: Walk approx 100m across a rocky footpath, then enter to the place named Blue Hole. There is a large open cavern at the bottom of the hole. Torch is required.

From the sea: Start in Inland Sea, down to 10m, through to Ocean down to 22m and keeping wall on left shoulder gradually back up to 15m, across first inland part (10 fin kicks) to join wall on left, the through "Azure Window" and 30 fin kicks to Blue Hole at 12m. If your air is good, then go past blue hole cave entrance and turn right keeping wall on left, and then in through chimney swim-through up to 7m, then back round to right (wall now on right) and rejoin blue hole cave entrance, explore cave before ascent into the Blue Hole itself. Smile at the tourists as you surface.

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