Dive in Greece

Diving packages in Greece

1st time Try Scuba

Enjoy for the first time the underwater world. You will get the basics on theory and then we shall dive together from a shore at no more than 4-5 meters. Free photos, towel, juice and snack.

Boat Ride - half day

Just accompanying friends or just wanting to get the sea breeze? We shall be happy to have you on board. You can swim with your own equipment and enjoy the crystal clear sea, or just stay on board. A juice and a light snackwill be provided.

Cliff Diving Boat Trip in Nea Makri, Athens

Overview Year 1770: King Kahekili- the last king of Maui- leapt from Kaundou, a 63-foot (19-metre) cliff and entered the water without causing a splash.He also made his warriors jump from cliffs to prove their courage and loyalty.Present day: not warriors but thrill seekers dive in Cape Marathon’s notorious cliffs (from the easiest to the most challenging ones) searching for the same thing: the…

Single Boat Dive

Choosing your dream dive site from 55 dive sites in the isle of Macronissos next to the town of Lavrio, our experienced dive guides, under the unparalleled supervision of Kostas Thoctarides, guarantee a unique experience in crystal clear waters, with excellent visibility. Free photos, a fresh towel, a light snack and a juice are included.

2 Fun Dive single Day Boat trip

We make everyday boat diving, 2 dives per day in different places. Our boat is 10 m long, covered, fast and comfortable - so no need for the clients to carry equipment as in the case of diving from the beach where, as well, the underwater landscape doesn't have much to offer and is usually very shallow, or like in the case of diving from inflatable boat; with us, you get prepared on the boat, when…
Mykonos Caves Tragonisi

Travel to Greece

Scuba diving in Greece is relatively new activity but it is a great experience to dive there. In 2006 Greek government decided to abolish the rigid restrictions on scuba diving and since then recreational scuba diving has been possible almost everywhere in Greece. However, there are still some regulations and restricted areas. It is forbidden to remove or photograph any antiquities and all findings of antiquities have to be reported to the local Archaeological Service, Port Authority or Police. Scuba diving with breathing devices is allowed from sunrise to sunset. All the regulations were established to protect the ancient heritage, artifacts and other archeological items.

Rich marine life, hundreds of discovered and undiscovered shipwrecks and beautiful underwater rock formations (caves, caverns, canyons, walls) make this destination worth visiting. Its rich marine life offers sea urchins, starfish, crabs, lobsters, squids, octopi, etc. Lucky divers may have a chance to see turtles, seals, dolphins, tuna, swordfish, sunfish and flying fish.

  • Serifos Wrecks

    Serifos Wrecks
  • Diving in Serifos Greece

    Diving in Serifos Greece
  • Mykonos Caverns Tragonisi

    Mykonos Caverns Tragonisi
  • Mykonos Caves Tragonisi

    Mykonos Caves Tragonisi
  • Mykonos Wreck Anna II

    Mykonos Wreck Anna II
  • Mykonos

  • Diving Serifos

    Diving Serifos
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    Diving in Cyclades Serifos