Dive in Mamanuca Group

Diving in Mamanuca Group

in Mamanuca Archipielago, Malolo Barrier Reef is an equally impressive diving site for its exciting and abundant aquatic life. The place named "The Supermarket" is maybe the world's most famous scuba dive site for sharks. Grey reef sharks, white and black reef sharks can be seen in big number around "Supermarket". Salamanda shipwreck offers exciting wreck dive opportunities. Salamanda, a former 40 meters cruise ship, is now home to soft coral, shrimp, crabs, and sea anemone.


From all beach resorts in Fiji can be taken trips to other excellent snorkeling and scuba dive spots such as Jackie's Reef, a coral reef with diverse fish population; Vomo Island, whit Ronnie's Reef, a sensational coral canyon, and Vomo Caves, featuring intricate caverns and unforgettable passages; Tui's Reef, a popular night diving resort, where crayfish, clams, moray eels and other tropical aquatic life come to feed; Stonehenge, an ideal place for beginner divers and snorkel fans due to its shallow depths; Bird Rock, renowned for its passages and caves, soft coral and plentiful fish; The Circus, offering abundant coral; and the Coral Gardens, a reef with different coral.

Travel to Mamanuca Group

Clearly visible from Nadi, the Mamanuca Islands is a stunning compact collection of 32 small islands in 35 sq. km. of tepid ocean. Situated in the lee of the main island of Viti Levu , the Mamanuca Group boasts the finest holiday weather in Fiji - year- round sunshine, calm seas and gentle breezes. This is Fiji ’s tourism gem. With a choice of twenty- four beach resorts - eighteen of which are on uninhabited islands - and as many day cruises from Nadi, a visit, however brief, is a must on anyone’s travel itinerary.

Apart from the beautiful beach resorts and snorkelling lagoons throughout the group, there are plenty of water activities to keep tourists busy. Scuba diving is extensive throughout the group with both deep and shallow dives, drifts and passages as well as shipwrecks and caves - almost every resort has its own dive operator offering daily 2- tank dives, night dives and PADI and advanced dive courses. 

The Coral Islands, the area closest to Nadi and Lautoka, is blessed with a dozen picturesque tiny coral cays which feature heavily in the tourist brochures and postcards. All of these uninhabited specks of sand now support either a resort or a day trip cruise yet three species of sea- turtles, Leatherback, Green and Hawksbill, unaware of this recent invasion, still come to lay their eggs deep in the sand between November and February. The south- eastern tip of the Malolo Barrier Reef has world class reef surfing.

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