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Sau Bay Fiji Retreat - off Taveuni

7 nights in a deluxe Oceanfront Studio Cottage. Includes 5 day dive package (2 days of 3 tank dives and 3 days of 2 tank dives) Total 12 dives. Diving includes snacks and beverages and towels. Rates do not include Fiji Govt. taxes
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Scuba Diving in Fiji

Scuba dive enthusiasts know that South Pacific is home to some of the most amazing aquatic sights in the world. One of the best vacation spots in this area is Fiji, a scenic archipelago with more than 300 islands.

Whether you are based in a single place or go for a combination booking or liveaboard, you would be well advised to ensure any trip here includes these excellent areas:

Taveuni and the Koro Sea: The Garden Island past which runs the Somosomo Strait whose soft coral splendour allows Fiji to lay claim to being 'The soft coral capital of the world'. The waters around Taveuni and south into the Koro Sea are rich and nutrient-filled, supporting large marine ecosystems which means lots of great dive sites.

Kadavu - The real Fiji, away from the big resorts where life can go at the pace you want and where the diving feels like the last frontier. Eco-friendly resorts, local culture and plenty of breathtaking dive sites in and around the well-known Great Astrolabe Reef.

Viti Levu - Special mention must go the shark feeding dives conducted in the waters off Pacific Harbour. You can have heart-stopping moments with the bosses of the ocean and just off Fiji's main island. Read about our very own experience here: The Best Shark Dive in the World.

Beqa Lagoon - also known as the Meca of the Pacific for diving, lies just south of Viti Levu and is one of the most popular Fiji dive destinations for those seeking to avoid a domestic flight. The lagoon consists of around 100 square miles of clear water surrounded by 30kms of coral reef, making itone of the world's largest reef barriers. There are a range good good dive sites around the lagoon and the islands that fringe it. You can expect pinnacles, plenty of soft corals and even wreck dives.

Mamanuca Islands - Fiji’s tropical islands with gently swaying palm trees, surrounded by white sand beaches, set among deep blue waters with fringing coral reefs of turquoise and pastel green. Some of the Mamanuca Islands are still uninhabited, some are still the traditional homes of the Fijian people. You can dive there joining day trips from Nadi, or enjoy some staying over night.

Many of coral reefs in Fiji Islands provide a wide variety of snorkeling and dive opportunities for beginner and expert divers alike, including wreck dives, night dives, drift dives, shark dives and others. Conditions and underwater sights vary greatly here and while some places are tranquil and great for learning, most sites will enjoy some current, ranging from barely perceptible to very strong. It is this presence of current that makes the scuba diving in Fiji so rich.

Lagoons are a feature of the islands and often the water remains shallow until some distance from shore. This means most Fiji diving is conducted from boat and also that the shorelines are great for adults and children alike to go snorkelling and swimming.

Currents are the lifeblood of Fiji's reefs, kick-starting the food chain by sweeping nutrients to both corals and fish alike. Fiji is known as "The Soft Coral Capital of the World" and when the current flows the corals bloom into fabulous displays of colourful splendour. The currents also affect the water's visibility which can be the best around, with incoming currents bringing clear sea water into the lagoons and outgoing currents removing any cloudy lagoon water.

Weather conditions for diving are as impressive as Fiji's dive reputation. In the cooler months - June to October - the water temperature averages 24¬?C with visibility in the triple digit (feet). While in the warmer months - November through February - the temperature can be as high as 29¬?C, however plankton blooms and rainfall may lower visibility.


Kadavu beach

Travel to Fiji

Fiji, blessed with 333 magnificent islands, some inhabited, most not. Set in the tropical South Pacific, Fiji is surely the essence of a tropical island paradise. White sandy beaches, swaying coconut trees, pristine oceans and waterways and a range of things to do and see that will appeal to the most discerning traveler. 

Fiji is a holiday destination with so much to offer: hiking, nature, fabulous beaches and wonderful local people. From luxury resorts and remote eco-hideaways to fabulous liveaboards, Fiji diving really does offer something for everyone. Beside excellent accommodation, hundreds of spectacular snorkeling and scuba dive spots which satisfy even the most picky diver!

But Fiji is much more than that! Fiji is home to some of the most spectacular barrier reefs and coral atolls in the world. There are over 400 individual species of hard and soft coral. Amazing caves and grottos and a diverse marine life that includes sharks, whales, tuna, turtles and fish of all colours and sizes. There are sunken ships to explore, shark feeding, magnificent lagoons with unmatched visibility and always countless miles of virgin coral reefs and breathtaking underwater experiences.

And then there’s Fiji's most precious asset - smiling, generous, relaxed Fijians who greet you and everyone they meet with their famous and welcoming ‘Bula’.

  • fijian landscape

    fijian landscape
  • Manta Rays on Manta Reef, Kadavu island Fiji

    Manta Rays on Manta Reef, Kadavu island Fiji
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    fijian sunset
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    Kadavu beach
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    Viti Levu sunset