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Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

This is the perfect way for non-divers to discover the beauty and magic of the underwater world in the Red Sea. DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING is a full day PADI programme for those who want to discover the underwater world with an instructor and don't have a certification. You can credit your Discover Scuba experience towards the PADI Open Water Course. The programme comprises a theory session, a…

EFR Course

EFR Course Includes: Equipment, Instructor & Diving Transportation *All courses include certification and full equipment except dive master level *Courses do not include the student manual. These should be brought by the student or purchased on site. *PADI specialties courses are available upon request

PADI Open Water Course

Padi open water course contains 6 dives plus the course CD and the Book and the certificate.one of this dives it will be in swimming pool or if you have previous introduction dive . It will be all the dives from boat

10 daily dives

book daily trip with us at our boat and enjoy with us at redsea with best diving ever our diving center one of the best at hurghada enjoy the package now and get your offer

Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Your Open Water Diver certificate is not enough for you? Then your nexIn this course you perform five speciality dives and learn the respective theory. Within the five speciality dives a navigation dive, which teaches you how to use a compass under water, and a deep dive, which will take you to a depth of 30m (98 feet) are obligatory. Besides those two requirements you are free to choose the other…

Scuba Diving in Egypt


The Red Sea takes its name from the algal blooms, which paints the sea with a reddish hue. It's a diver's paradise, with the warmest of warm seas, very little wave action and impressive visibility. 

It is said to be one of the 7 Wonders of the underwater world, harbouring more than 1000 species of invertebrates and over 200 species of soft and hard coral. This marine world creates the basis of a marine eco-system which includes 1100 species of fish, 20% of which are endemic (they can only been found here).

Your diving in Egypt will include shallow reefs, walls and drift dives, or some of the most interesting wrecks in the world. Some places have lively reefs stretching far into the ocean which may form intricate labyrinths, plateaus, lagoons, caves and gardens.

The Red Sea offers you unlimited opportunities to find tropical marine life in crystal clear waters, from sharks and dolphins to gorgonian fans and feather-stars. Variety is inmense, and will be dependent on where you dive.

It also offers the possibility to spot Whale Shark. The season starts by the end of May until the end of July, when this majestic creature can be spotted mainly in the northern Red Sea but also in the south. If you would like to witness the sardine runs you will need to be in Egypt between the end of December and the beginning of February. The Red Sea's abundance of marine life and reef depths are an unbeatable thrill.

Diving in the Red Sea can be a quite intense attraction, and each area is special in its own. Some would say that Sharm El Sheikh and Ras Mohammed have the best of what Egypt has to offer, its impressive wrecks: the legendary S.S. Thistlegorm and about 10 other interesting wrecks (like the Rosalie Moller), the Gubal Strait, and the Strait of Tiran are all easily accessible from Sharm El Sheikh. The area is also alive with big fish such as barracuda, turtles and eagle rays.

For divers who have seen it all, the further south you go, the better the quality. Hurghada and Marsa Alam offer you a gateway to explore the Abu Nuhas wreck system, and incredibly rich sites with pelagic shark action at The Brother Island, Elphinstone and Zabargad, which will satisfy even the most experienced diver. The southern in Egypt you go, the best chances for Oceanic Whitetip sharks encounters, and other pelagic species. They are also home to interesting caves and tunnels.

The Red Sea is a great choice for diving all year round, but the water temperatures will vary significantly. From June to August the water can reach 30°C but it falls to a chilly 22°C in February. Do bring an appropriate exposure suit for each time of year - for winter we suggest a 5 or 7mm full length, and for summer a 3 mm shortie or long suit will be enough. The currents do vary and can be from gentle to very strong.



Travel to Egypt


Egypt is the land that gave birth to the first great civilisation, famous for the pyramids, its minarets, it's Zocos, the river Nile, and its popular diving areas in the Red Sea. The scope of Egypt is unlimited!

The Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba offers some of the greatest places to dive in the world. There are several famous areas, Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada are the most famous, and Dahab is the third diving strongest area. Another great alternative to dive in the Red Sea is to plan a Liveaboard trip, which will offer you more dive sites and easier access to them.

Traveling in Egypt is easy and uncomplicated, it has international airports in El Cairo, Hurghada and Sharm el Sheik, and domestic connections to other cities. There is also a good bus network in the country, and there is plenty of travel agents who will happily help you plan your trip. 

Egypt offers a wide offer in accomodation which ranges all pocket needs, from luxury resorts to cheap hostel rooms. The most famous areas are Sharm el Sheik, Hurghada, Dahab and Marsa Alam.

Once in Egypt, be amazed at Giza pyramids and noisy streets. Out west, Egypt’s ocean of sand stretches infinitely to the Sahara, with its few soliraty oases. Medieval fortresses can be found, inter connected with bubbling springs and ghostly rock formations. In the deserts of Sinai travellers can climb the Moses mount where he talked with God. Meanwhile, the deep, crystal waters of the Red Sea lie brilliantly filled with beautiful corals reefs, and surrounded by an aquatic frenzy of underwater life. In the Sinai Penninsula, don't miss Sharm el Sheik, the gateway to the famous red sea wrecks! And spend your remaining days in bliss in the coastal city of Dahab

Dive centers can be found in Egypt by the thousands! In big cities you can choose from dive centers on its streets, or dive centers located inside  hotel resorts. Many resorts have their own pier too, which makes it extremely accessible to go diving from your own hotel.


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