Dive in Limon

Diving in Limon

There are some great dive spots off the coast of Limon.  The marine life is diverse and the reef a colourful mix of corals and tropical fish, with over 120 species to be found.  The area is protected by the Parque Nacional Cahuita.

There are a couple of dive centres in Limon' one on Punta Uva Beach, the other in Puerto Viejo.  They offer all courses, try dives and great fun diving trips to Isla Uvita or shore dives off the coast.  The best time to dive in Limon is from February to April when the weather condition are calm and visibility great.

You can expect to see an abundance of great marine life such as turtles, barracuda, eels, lobster, rays, sharks, many fish like angelfish, parrotfish, scorpionfish, trunk fish.  A wide array of corals such as sea fans, elkhorn, brain and fire coral and the night diving is also good here where you'll hunt for octopi, spanish dancers, nudibranchs and crabs.

Take a day trip out to the gorgeous Isla Uvita and explore the two wrecks in the area including The Fenix which is a sunken cargo ship and well worth a visit.  It's a great place to relax for a few days and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and lovely diving Limon has to offer.

(By Kelly Luckman)

Puerto Viejo

Travel to Limon

The whole coastline of the Limon province is full of lush beaches, great surf breaks and wonderful wildlife in the surrounding national parks. Tortuguero National Park is a turtle nesting site and the Cahuita National Park has the last remaining indigenous tribes in the country.

You can drive to Limon from San Jose along Highway 32 or take a bus from most of the neighbouring cities. The town is a popular cruise ship destination so things can be a little more expensive than the surrounding areas. Head to Punta Uva or Puerto Viejo for more accommodation options as a cheaper price.

Enjoy activities such as diving or snorkelling, or a day trip out to Isla Uvita. Catch a wave with your first surf lesson, experienced surfers will also love the breaks here. Go on a fishing trip and see if you can catch your lunch, game fishing is very popular in the area. Visiting the local national parks will ensure your nature loving side will be satisfied.

Limon is jam packed with history, culture and wonderful sites to see. Spend a good few days chilling out or exploring the area.

(By Kelly Luckman)
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