Dive in Venezuela

    Puerto Real Isla Margarita, Venezuela

    Bajo de CaÒaveral Bajo de Canaveral, Venezuela

    Bajo de Chuao Bajo de Chuao, Venezuela

    Carabelleda - Caribe Soy Carabelleda - Caribe Soy, Venezuela

    The Caribe Soy wreck was sunked intentionally on February 9, 2007. It was a fishing boat

    Chichiriviche Chichiriviche, Venezuela

    Very deep >300' basin, good spearfishing and clear water. Very cold past the 180' depth.

    Cominoto el Hoyo Isla Margarita, Venezuela

    Cominoto el Velero Isla Margarita, Venezuela


    Farallon - id: 29559 Isla Margarita, Venezuela

    Gran Roque Gran Roque, Venezuela

    The 98-foot (30-meter) long, 217-ton was built in Gran Roque Venezuela's state-owned Shipyards in 1973 to serve domestic ports, but lack of maintenance the vessel finally Crippled for good seven years ago.Abandoned alongside the dock, the tug became a haven for the homeless and filled with trash and…

    Ichao el Tunal Isla Margarita, Venezuela

    Isla Larga Puerto Cabello Puerto Cabello, Venezuela

    Located just minutes from Puerto Cabello, Carabobo state, is located the Spa Quizandal. From there, workers carry those kind of move to Long Island, only with free access to the public in interacting many marine species, coral formations and a complex ecological community, which makes it a key to…

    La Cueva de Chimana Mochima National Park, Venezuela

    La Pecha Isla Margarita, Venezuela

    La Pecha Afuera Isla Margarita, Venezuela

    La Penia Isla Margarita, Venezuela

    Las topias Las topias, Venezuela

    Punta Payape Isla Margarita, Venezuela

    la Guaza Los Roques, Venezuela

    It is a rock that is born to 100 feet and does not reach to emerge on the surface. Its highest point is approximately 6 meters are 3 floors filled with life, with variable currents and generally great visibility +- 90 ft

    Barrera del Sur Los Roques, Venezuela

    It is a barrier reef that begins at 15 feet and drops to 120 feet, with a espctacular visibility, located to the south of the archipelago, 40 minutes of soft navigation by the laguna of corals, dive with current usually to the side of the the fall of the house reef or pared.usted sporadic since you…

    Punta de Tuja Maracay, Venezuela

    A surprising dive site...