Dive in North Carolina

    Dixie Arrow Dixie Arrow, USA

    An oil tanker sunk in WWII. It has a lot of different fish and is sometimes frequented by Sand Tiger sharks. There are usually lots of rays as well as fish hiding in the wreck. It takes two dives to see everything. The wheel house is off the wreck and vis

    Fantasy Lake Scuba Park Fantasy Lake Scuba Park, USA

    Private quary with fee access ($15 per day).

    Papoose Papoose, USA

    Great dive! The Papoose is lying almost upside down with only the tip of her port deck sticking up from the sand. Not only is the wreck massive and amazing, but barracuda, sand tiger sharks, and reef sharks are constantly in the area.

    Theodore Parker Wreck Theodore Parker Wreck, USA

    Sunken in 1974 as part of the North Carolina Artificial Reef project. This is a 440' liberty ship.

    U-352 Wreck U-352 Wreck, USA


    USS Aeolus USS Aeolus, USA

    The Aeolus was intentionally sunk in 1988 30 miles from shore. Since then sand tiger sharks and many angelfish have called the ship home. The gunboat is lying on its starboard side. Great wreck diving and easy penetration.

    Zane Gray Zane Gray, USA

    441 ft long Liberty Ship-dry cargo; sunk in 1974

    USS Naeco USS Naeco, USA

    The USS Naeco was sunk by U-124 in 1942. Great dive full of sand tiger sharks, barracuda, and lionfish. Very great wreck. Hard to penetrate though.