Dive in New York

    Red Hook Wall - dive from 4ft to 90 ft, enjoy plenty of fish, vegitation, and a nice fresh water wall dive. Wall starts at depth of approx. 40 ft and drops to approx 65 ft. Along the wall you will encounter the "log jam". A large pile of logs that appear to have been lost off a boat in the 1800s…
    Sevey's Boatyard - A private working boatyard, so be courteous, park in designated areas only, leave keys in your vehicle(in case the boatyard needs to move it), pay your $10 parking fee at the green kiosk. Must dive with a dive flag, (dah). Make sure it is displayed appropiately during the entire…

    A.E. Vickery A E Vickery, USA

    Wooden three masted schooner lying in 60 to 150 feet. The Vickery was was built in 1861 and sank on August 17, 1889.

    Almost Paradise Almost Paradise, USA


    Radeau Radeau, USA

    Just an all around cool dive.This is the oldest war ship in North America.Even if you have been diving for awhile, this is a terrific dive.The 1758 Land Tortoise radeau warship, flagship of "The Sunken Fleet of 1758"http://www.thelostradeau.com/

    Seneca Lake: FLUPA buoy The… Seneca Lake FLUPA buoy The Steps, USA

    Access to this site is provided by the Finger Lakes Underwater Preservation Association (FLUPA). A map of many wrecks in this area can be found at www.flupa.org. If you dive here, please log your visit on a slate at 15' depth on the mooring line.Drop to bottom of mooring line and land on remnant of…

    Seneca Lake: Watkins Glen… Seneca Lake Watkins Glen Barges, USA

    Seneca Lake hasconstant temp of 39.2 degrees from its springs - COLD!In lake summer, the top 15 feet or so can warm up into the upper 70's, but there's not much to see in the shallow areas due to zebra muscles. Certainly dry suit conditions for that! Max depth of the lake is 618 ft.

    Sunken Cabin Cruiser Sunken Cabin Cruiser, USA

    Sunken 30' boat harbours rock bass and a few yellow perchNo Buoy: find the site by triangulating yourself using the largest building in the park (south) and the flagpole near the B&B (east); exactly 45' deep.

    US Coast Guard Boat 56022 US Coast Guard Boat 56022, USA

    The US Coast Guard Boat 56022 was a converted landing craft (LCM). It sank in a storm December 1, 1977.