Dive in Switzerland

    Chateau de Chillon Chateau de Chillon, Switzerland

    There are 4 dives here including 3 walls:- The main wall just down to the castle- The north wall (north from the castle, Territet direction)- The south wall (south from the castle, at the private harbour)- The 'ombli?re' between the castla wall and the north wallWarnings:- Bad viz during the summer…

    Fenalet - La falaise bikini Fenalet - La falaise bikini, Switzerland

    Hirondelle wreck Hirondelle wreck, Switzerland

    The Hirondelle wreck was a 1855 passenger cruiser. It sunk after hurting a rock at the 10th june 1862The stern starts at 43 m and the bow is at 67 m. It's a wonderful wreck and in a very good shape (water temp is cold 5?C! and all the year under 30m).Some…

    Immensee Immensee, Switzerland

    After entrance, just swim some meters and start your dive to the right. After ~5min you'll reach a wall. There's lots of fish hiding in the wall's creviches wich are quite interesting.There's easy diving with moderate slope till ~18-20m depth. Drop off then will lead you even deeper (40+ m).

    Jura wreck Jura wreck, Switzerland

    This wooden flat-decked passenger paddle steamer was built by Maschinenfabrik Escher-Wyss & Cie in Z?rich in 1854. The cost was 137,000 Swiss Francs and the ship was owned by Soci?t? des Bateaux ? vapeur du Lac de Neuch?tel.All passenger areas were made below deck. Except for the tiny bridge, the…

    La CochËre La Cochere, Switzerland

    This is a very fragile wreck, so do not anchor !!!

    Rorschach HB Rorschach HB, Switzerland

    Some wrecks and other artificial things to look, very nice for fresh water dive!