Dive in Oresund Strait


    Johannes L Oresund Strait, Sweden

    Little German coaster at 498 grt, built 1951, which sank in 1981. The ship lies on the side about 1 meter below the surface. Wreck measuring 48.52 meters in length, 7.88 meters in width and had a draft of 3.9 meters. It is possible to stand on the wreckage with their heads above water. Two large…

    Kanonvraget Oresund Strait, Sweden


    Kullen Oresund Strait, Sweden

    Generally recognized as the best dive site within a couple of hours drive/sailing of Copenhagen.It is basically a long granite mountain jutting straight into several kilometers into the sea. It is oriented east-west, so unless the wind is very unfavorable, it is nearly always possible to find a…

    Robert SS Oresund Strait, Sweden

    Vapper Oresund Strait, Sweden