Dive in Costa Del Sol


    Tres Picos Almunecar, Spain

    Enter by giant stride from the rocks. Head for the 3 picos (3 peaks) which you can see from the shore (but are below the surface). Lots of marine life will be seen. Nice 3D experience and a swim trough.You can go south and come back to the start point, exit the water by ladder, or go North and head…

    Camp Bay Gibraltar, Spain


    Green Beans Wreck Gibraltar, Spain

    La Perla Gibraltar, Spain

    Great reef in side the Strait of Gibraltar. Find lots of gorgonias, morrays, sunfish and groupers.

    Las Bajas Gibraltar, Spain

    Las Bajas is a reef with lots of canyons, overhangs and caves. All sports of marine life possible. Not always accessible because of strong winds / waves.

    Little Bay Gibraltar, Spain


    Seahawk Wreck Gibraltar, Spain

    Cala Verde Mogacar Garrucha, Spain

    The ore loading dock of a port in Villarica lies hidden in the depths, with beautiful diving.

    El Calon Mogacar Garrucha, Spain

    Nice dive site. Maybe some pelagics.

    EL Cepo Romano Mogacar Garrucha, Spain

    Barracudas, moray eels, octopus and lobster envelops us in this dive.

    El Pecio Mogacar Garrucha, Spain

    A sunken ship (a wooden fishing boat) completamete devastated by the sea

    La Loza del Payo Mogacar Garrucha, Spain

    Las Anclas de Villaricos Mogacar Garrucha, Spain

    sea mount between 10 and 18 meters from the sanctuary of a large boat anchor

    Loza del Payo Mogacar Garrucha, Spain


    El Galeon Marbella, Spain

    Fantastic easy wreck dive of a 1700's ship, supose to be an army ship in really bad conditions. The wreck is not registered. Still you can find buttoms from the officer' uniforms. Please do not touch, is illegal. Amazing live. Good for underwater archeologyLocal divers still keep this dive site as a…

    Le lys Marbella, Spain

    220 years old wreck. Burnt down. You could find bones!

    The Tower Marbella Marbella, Spain

    The Tower is what is left of an old cable car system that brought iron ore from a mine in the mountains to waiting barges off shore.The rock and concrete piling is still in tact with many holes for eels and various fish to live in.There is also the remains of the crane arm sunk in about 30 feet of…