Dive in Gran Canaria


    Sardina Gran Canaria, Spain

    Simple dive, not very spectacular. The most usual route is to exit by the stairs of the old pier and follow the outside of the breakwater.

    Angela Pando (Autentico) Gran Canaria, Spain

    The boat is very deteriorated and its super structure collapsed some time ago which does desmecer immersion impressive as its size and landscape shaped by their life remains fairly.

    Arguineguin Rif Gran Canaria, Spain


    Arinaga Gran Canaria, Spain

    Dive easy to access and perform, peligo little difficulty and little input or output orientation, and several easy routes to follow.Mixed background of sand and rocks.The car you can park almost literally in the access. Great comfort to either of the teams on the promenade.

    Artificial Reef Gran Canaria, Spain

    Baja de San Fernando Gran Canaria, Spain

    Stresses its construction fund which is real exciting, erosions that have shaped tunnels, terraces, a special attraction for the photograph.

    Bajada de Caleta Gran Canaria, Spain

    Seen some Manta's here in august

    Caleta Baja Gran Canaria, Spain

    Noting that it is an area where you can see the blankets as desired devil, angels and mantelinas grunts and a bank at the entrance of the cave.

    Cermona II Gran Canaria, Spain

    Special care when using this tourist submarine wreck as a daily walk, do not forget to bring in the boat with the Alpha flag (blue and banking) or the diving as it is an area very close to the output port. opportunity to visit it.

    Chucho Rif Gran Canaria, Spain


    Kalais Gran Canaria, Spain

    Greek cargo ship sunk in 1978 compared to spring Reina Sof?a.Entertaining the possibility of dipping into the engine room of the title if you have advanced. Thanks to its cargo of bagged cement remained on the wreck on its keel, while enjoying the most was not lying on his side as often happens in…

    Korsakov Gran Canaria, Spain

    Russian fisheries collapsed in 1977 of about 80 mts. length and resting on its starboard side. In very good condition is easy to dive inside them, but be careful with that many networks are still in it.

    La Isleta Gran Canaria, Spain

    Las Merinas Gran Canaria, Spain

    Near the base are emerging on the surface a series of rocks called the Merino.Immersion simple and entertaining by the type of rocky bottom where you can see a large quantity

    Pecio Arona Gran Canaria, Spain

    Little difficulty, although often strong currents that may hinder your dive if you are not equipped with proper fin thrust.Are some stories from this wreck so click this link to see the real and documented.

    Reef Pasito Blanco Gran Canaria, Spain

    Easy diving complications can admire the marine life is the owner of such structures.Species typical of sandy bottom most common species on the island.

    Russian wreck - El Pajar Gran Canaria, Spain

    Hydrofoil from the Russian Meteor series. Not a fantastic wreck cos very destroyed by the currents and storm.

    Taliarte Gran Canaria, Spain

    Located between the mouth of the harbor and beach hair, is a rocky area with a large number of invertebrates, including a cebadal and various types of algae.