Dive in North and East

    Cayo Diablo Cayo Diablo, Puerto Rico


    Escambron Escambron, Puerto Rico

    Dive site is one of the preferred locations for dive training, as it may give almost any dive situation needed for any dive class.Many reef fish may be observed.

    Figure 8 Reef, Shore dive Escambron, Puerto Rico

    This reef consists of 4 reef rows, three of which break the surface. Best described as mini canyons. Breeding area for over 50 varieties of tropical fish and other marine life such as octopus, squid, turtles and seahorse. Small tropicals are hand fed & fish will follow guides like puppy dogs!…

    Horseshoe Reef,… Escambron, Puerto Rico

    This 30ft high natural reef breaks the surface and has numerous tunnels, swim throughs, and resort type caves with light shafts through the reef to guide your way. This reef completely surrounds the Caribe Hilton property on the north side. Jacks, tangs, snappers, coneys, porkfish, spiny lobster are…