Dive in Musandam

    Octopus Rock

    Octopus Rock Musandam, Oman

    A Rock formation which looks like octopus legs underwater.One of the best dive sites around, allways a lot of fish, big change of whalesharks ( in summer season). Seahorses at 150 degrees at around 30m or on the sand wall which is coverd in coral.

    Lima Rock Musandam, Oman

    Lima Rock is a rock just outside Ras Lima. It always good for diving. Southside sunny, northside most of the time fla sea amd the eastside best for barracuda, rays and whalesharks
    Ras Sanut

    Ras Sanut Musandam, Oman

    Dive site on the rocks of the main land. Lot of fish, turtles, and lately encounters with Mula Mula ( moonfish).Good for all levels and OW training or DSD.