Dive in Norway

    Pro dykk Pro dykk, Norway

    ?vik Avik, Norway

    ?vik harbor dive, lots of things to be found, and you can hunt for fish while diving if you want.there is a wreck in the harbor, but it is small and instable.

    Brem Brem, Norway

    The wreck is called Brem there is not much left of the wreck, and you can not enter the wreck.

    Busteinsundet Busteinsundet, Norway

    This is a nice place, but underwater life depends on the seal colony. Lots of seal=no life. Visability depends on season. Best in autumn/winter. Don't eaven think about it in june...

    Curtis P-40 Warhawk Curtis P-40 Warhawk, Norway

    Curtis P-40 Warhawk aeroplane wreck WW2

    Dornier DO-24 Dornier DO-24, Norway

    Dornier Do-24. WW2

    Fagertun BÂst¯ Fagertun Basto, Norway

    Go out from the beach and follow the left.Here is a small tube wiring that can be worth noticing that you can find on the way back.Here's to begin with mud, but you get to the more rocky bottom and up the mountain toward the surface the more left you go around the headland.Follow a little further…

    Faulbaum Faulbaum, Norway

    Old German Shipwreck "Faulbaum". WW2

    Ferder Fyr Ferder Fyr, Norway

    Fugleberg Fugleberg, Norway

    Beautiful wall, big seawolwes, big crabs

    George Thiele George Thiele, Norway

    German Shipwreck George Thiele. WW2

    Hamborra Hamborra, Norway

    Good site with a lot of life.Though it's very deep at the site, it is possible to dive with shallow depths closer to shore. The depth is therefore not a problem.

    Ingdalen Ingdalen, Norway

    One of the best sites in the area. A lot of life and some nice walls.

    Klubben Klubben, Norway

    Closest to either entry areas more suitable for *OW divers. Further out by the promontury (btw the entry areas) nice wall with heavier currents depending of the tide.

    Kvasefjord Kvasefjord, Norway

    Labyrint Labyrint, Norway

    "Sharkteeth" rock formations covered with kelp. A lot to see and interest for multiple dives.

    Lyngst¯lsvatnet Lyngstolsvatnet, Norway

    A small village that was flooded after a rock slide that blocked the river that flows down the valley and formed an artificial lake and flooded a farm that still stands as one can see todayThe lake is at an altitude of ca 200 meter's above sea level

    Muren Muren, Norway

    This is a nice spot close to Oslo. This wall was buildt to redirect ship traffic whithin range of the guns at Oscarsborg fortress. Worked wery well at Bl?cher during WWII...The wall is partly open for smaller ships, and you should be awere of the current when the tide is rising/falling. Divers have…

    Olsa Olsa, Norway

    Texaco-brygga Texaco-brygga, Norway

    Frequently used for dive training by the various dive centers in the area.

    Veas Veas, Norway


    Vikaneset Vikaneset, Norway