Dive in New Zealand


    F69 Wellington, New Zealand

    The country's newest shipwreck and dive attraction is already covered in algae and home to a myriad of sea life. The former Leander-class Navy frigate HMNZS Wellington was sunk off Island Bay in Wellington on November 13 after six years of planning and preparation.The top of the bridge and the…

    Hen and chicken island Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    great visability. chance to see heaps of stingrays and nudibranches.

    Barneys' Rock Canterbury, New Zealand

    seal colony

    Blue Maomao Arch Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    very nice sunlight ambiance.

    Bushett Shoals Canterbury, New Zealand

    This is Kaikouraís best dive site!

    Cooks Cove Cooks Cove, New Zealand

    Flea Bay Canterbury, New Zealand

    Established in 1999 the reserve cover 215ha east of entrance to Akaroa Harbour. Very exposed coast with boulders, rock stacks, steep cliffs, kelp forests and cold temperate reef fish.Blue penguins can appear at dusk and Hector's dolphins common in summer.(www.divenewzealand.com)

    Green Island Coromandel peninsula, New Zealand

    Quite exposed to swells and winds, to get sheltered just go on the other side of the island.North east side from 5 to 15 m with rocks covered with kelps and some sand spots. Schools of blue two-spot damselfis, crayfish, pink maomao.

    Hole in the Rock Hole in the Rock, New Zealand


    Kapiti Island Wellington, New Zealand

    Formally established in May 1992 the reserve?s underwater scenery is generally regarded as some of the finest in the greater Wellington region.Good variety for photography.Those with a mask and snorkel could explore the rocks close to the shore.Scuba diving is the most rewarding on the western side…

    Landing Bay Pinnacle Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    Pinnacle running down from 5m to 45m! Advanced divers with good buoyancy is recommanded.

    Lazens Reef Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

    Pinnicle rising from 400 meters, home to huge Yellowtail kingfish, blue maomao, giant rays.

    Lynch's Reef Canterbury, New Zealand

    Mao Mao Arch Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    Schools of demoiselles and mao mao.

    Middle Arch Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    Popular dive. Berniesís Cave is on the left of the arch.

    Mikhail Lermontov Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

    On 16 February 1986 the Mikhail Lermontov, a 155 metre long ship with 408 passengers and 330 crew, left Picton.The ship struck Perham rock (a submerged rock) between Cape Jackson and Jackson Head. Although the ship was built for ice breaking, this proved too much strain on the hull and the damage…

    Motunau - plateau Canterbury, New Zealand

    Plateau up from 25m to 21m. Lots of crayfish and some blue cods. Visibility can be very low (

    Northern Arch Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    Vertical wall down to 37m deep. Resident stingrays in summer with an incredible viz!

    Nursery Cove Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    Don't miss the Labyrinth off the southern point

    Old man rock Coromandel peninsula, New Zealand

    Rocks covered with kelps. A few fish, crayfish and stingrays.

    Rainbow Warrior Wreck Cavalli Islands, New Zealand

    The Rainbow Warrior was the Green Peace flagship (40 metres and 418 tonnes). It was used all over the world to protest about environmental and humanitarian issues.On july 10th 1985, it was bombed by French Secret Service Officers, killing a photographer, Fernando Pereria.On december 14th 1987, the…

    Red Baron Caves Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    This is a series of arches and outcrops.

    Rikoriko Cave Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    The Rikoriko cave is the largest sea cave in the southern hemisphere. It is so large that the boats go in easily, and the acoustics is so good that there have been concerts in it!Concerning the biology, the cave offers an interesting mix between day and night species of fishes.There are dozens of…

    Sand Garden Tutukaka and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

    Good second dive.

    Seafire wreck Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

    The 44 meter vessel Seafire was scuttled at this site in November 2008 as a dive wreck.

    Te Ruahine Point Canterbury, New Zealand

    Exposed if the wind is from the east and a swell is running. Patches of reef. Butterfish, wrasses, nudibranchs and Hector's dolphins!

    Volkner Rocks Marine reserve Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

    The Volkner Rocks is a Marine reserve and great diving. Hosts the Diadema Starfish

    Waikato River Waikato River, New Zealand

    Drift dive down a fast flowing river. Ever wanted to feel like you were flying - this is your chance :-)Spent the first 7 minutes in a big whirlpool, until my grinning guide showed where to go to get swept out. Happened to more or less under the Taupo bungy jump...Apart from the rush of "flying"…

    Whale Island Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

    Typical New Zealand coastal dive site

    White Island Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

    White Island is a sub tropical dive site with temperatures ranging from 15 - 22c winter - summer. A multitude of dive types including, reef, wall, cave, drift are all possible with the best of New Zealands marine animals for viewing.