Dive in Zuid-Holland

    Klinkerbergerplas Klinkerbergerplas, Netherlands

    Noord AA (North) Noord AA North, Netherlands

    Ouddorp (Harbour South) Ouddorp Harbour South, Netherlands

    Ouddorp - zwemsteiger Ouddorp - zwemsteiger, Netherlands

    Be carefull! It's very shallow (2-3m)so be carefull to meet a small (sailing)boats or winfsurfer. Not very interesting. A few crabs and that's it.Swim 150 meters and you will enter the fairway depth 15m)in which you are not allowed to dive.

    Preekhil De Bunker Preekhil De Bunker, Netherlands

    Don't dive in the concrete waterway

    Preekhil De Val Preekhil De Val, Netherlands

    Reeuwijkse houtwal Reeuwijkse houtwal, Netherlands

    Small wall with pike and small fish

    Slag Baardmannetje Slag Baardmannetje, Netherlands

    Dive shop and facilities as well as restaurant at the location. A few interesting wrecks about some of which require a bit of a swim to get to.

    Slag Stormvogel Slag Stormvogel, Netherlands

    Springersdiep Springersdiep, Netherlands

    Don't dive to far from shore. Diving in Concrete waterway not allowed

    Zegerplas Chinees Zegerplas Chinees, Netherlands

    First part is only 2 meters max. Then a wall starts which descends in levels to 12 meters.Be carefull... parts of the wall are soft and do hang over. Not experienced? Dive with a buddy more experienced.You can find pike and small fish.Also objects like bicycle, chair and others.