Dive in Noord-Holland

    Blijkpolderplas Blijkpolderplas, Netherlands

    pike, pike-perch, perch, eel, crayfish

    Gaasperplas Gaasperplas, Netherlands

    The pool is 72 ha. This is like a labyrint with tunnels. Take care cos the viz may become poor due to the turbulentie caused by bubbles.Original Dutch description (If someone could translate in English) "De Gaasperplas is een zandafgraving van 72 ha.Nadat men het zand had weggezogen zijn er onder…

    Spiegelplas Spiegelplas, Netherlands

    Pike, small fish and large reinforced concrete bars.Dive spot itself is 20 max. depth. but further away you can go to 40 meters (if you have to).

    Toolenburgse Plas Toolenburgse Plas, Netherlands

    Twiske Kure Jan Strand Twiske Kure Jan Strand, Netherlands

    Twiske paviljoen Twiske paviljoen, Netherlands