Dive in Puerto Morelos

    C- 56 Juan Escutia Puerto Morelos, Mexico

    The Wreck Name is C- 56 JUAN ESCUTIA, it is a 150 feet long war ship purchased from the US NAVY after the Second World War along with 5 others sister ships. It was sunken in front of Puerto Morelos Town in 1996 as part of an Artificial Reef Program. This shipwreck is fully covered in coral and has a…

    La Pared Puerto Morelos, Mexico

    Great site to view shallow water corals, good night/beginner dive site!

    Neto's Puerto Morelos, Mexico

    Coral heads reaching the surface. Good sandy areas for training. Visibility can vary considerably depending on weather conditions.

    Rodman Puerto Morelos, Mexico

    Visibility and current can vary hugely from day to day. From 5' Visibility to 100' and 0 to 4+ Knot currents. Almost always strong surge as waves break overhead.

    Puentes Puerto Morelos, Mexico

    The reef Puentes is a a 20m/ 60ft dive with natural bridges and swim throughs where you can find reef life and larger fish.

    The Gardens Puerto Morelos, Mexico

    The Gardens is a 17m/ 45ft dive which allows you to swim through the beautiful, colorful coral reef while seeing multitudes of different sizes and colors of fish.