Dive in Valletta


    HMS Stubborn Valletta, Malta


    Ghar Lapsi Valletta, Malta


    Anchor Bay Valletta, Malta

    Anchor reef Valletta, Malta

    Boulders, rocks, caves, sponges and soft corals, anemones, neon blue chromis fish, lobsters, octopus...A realy cool divesite!

    Beaufighter Valletta, Malta


    Billingshurts Cave Valletta, Malta


    Bristol Blenheim Mark IV Valletta, Malta

    A British Bristol Blenheim Mark IV bomber was shooted down and sank East of Malta at the beginning of the II World War in course of the battle for the defense of the Island.

    Carolita Valletta, Malta

    Wreck from WWII, depht from 6-22 mtr.

    Cirkewwa Valletta, Malta

    Dragonara cave Valletta, Malta

    Shallow cave system with a tunnel at approx 6m deep. Lot of red corals here. There is a 30m wide lake with great water colour.

    HMS Helespont Valletta, Malta

    HELESPONT (690t). Sunk by aircraft during raid on Malta. Date given as 6th-7th, 07/04/1942

    HMS Maori Valletta, Malta

    On 12th February 1941 at 0200, while anchored at Malta, MAORI was attacked from the air and a bomb found its way into her Engine and Gear Room. The Tribal blew up and sank, still moored at the emergency destroyer buoy at the entrance to Dockyard Creek. Crews from other ships helped in the rescue…

    Imperial Eagle MV Valletta, Malta

    The Imperial Eagle was one of the ferryboats connecting Malta and Gozo. The hull, in navigation trim, lays on a sandy bottom at a depth of -42m, 300m North-East of Qwara Point.

    Jesus of Qawra Valletta, Malta

    A big statue of Jesus

    le Polynesien Valletta, Malta

    152m long lying in 65m of water. One of the most beautiful shipwrecks in the world! Still possible to access the interior of 1/3rd of the ship, with many interesting features, including guns still intact. The best marine life on the islands, unusual species spotted here, in fantastic visibility.

    Lighthouse Point Valletta, Malta


    Madonna Valletta, Malta


    Mellieha bay Valletta, Malta


    Rozi Wreck Valletta, Malta

    The Rozi is a 40 meter harbor tug. She was sunk intentionally in 1991 for an underwater safari tour.

    Um el Faroud Wreck Valletta, Malta