Dive in Pulau Redang

    Batu Chipor Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    Just north of Pulau Ling is a small rocky outcrop that is covered in seafans, gorgonians, whips and sponges. All tropical marine life can be found here (even if there are less fishes that in northern dive sites) . It is barely exposed at low tides and currents can be strong here.

    Big Seamount Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    Mini Seamount Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    Pulau Ekor Tebu Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    There is an exquisite array of hard corals at this site, all jostling for that optimum light capturing position on the reef. There are blue corals, soft leather corals and some large clams to be found here. The northeast tip of the island comprises mainly of large boulders dropping down to 24 meters…

    Pulau Lima Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    A research study in 1976 found Pulau Lima and its associated sea mounts as perhaps the most valuable entity within the Redang marine park as the reefs around this islet represented all environments found elsewhere in Redang, thereby providing a miniaturized view of the entire park's marine…

    Pulau Ling Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    This small island is best known for two massive coral heads which are said to be the largest off the Malay Peninsular. The larger of the mammouth Porites measures around 25 meters across at its base circumference. They are both over a hundred years old and the small caves around the bottom attract…

    Pulau Paku Besar South Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    A stone's throw away are the islands of Pulau Paku Besar and Pulau Paku Kecil which are popular snorkelling haunts but also have enough to keep divers happy.

    Tanjung Gua Kawah Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    At the northeastern tip of Redang, Tanjung Gua Kawah tends to have strong surface and deep-water currents and is best left to experienced divers. Rocks and boulders descend to sandy bottom at around 15 metres. Coral growth is average but due to the currents, there are opportunities to encounter…

    Teluk Dalam Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    Nice bay, great for snorkelers. Turtles can be found here near the coral garden area.

    Terumbu Kili Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    Terumbu Kili, a rocky outcrop that appears above water and slopes down to a sandy bottom at about 20 metres in depth, lies at the southern tip of Pulau Pinang and is one of the top dive sites at Redang.Beware the strong surface currents in the channel separating this outcrop from Pulau Pinang. Due…

    Turtle Bay Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    The bay is very calm and the main interest is turtles. This site is good for snorkeling.

    Tanjung Tokong Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    In the noth side of the island, situated just around from Turtle Bay this spot is well renowned for seeing Green and Hawksbill turtles. In addition to the turtles there are many varieties of reef fish here around the submerged boulders. Currents can be stronger and these often bring in the bigger…

    Tunnel Point Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    A little further south from tanjung Tokong, there is an array of boulders that create caves, swinthroughs and canyons. Close inspections is rewarded by sights of the shyer marine inhabitants lurking in the darkness.

    Mak Cantik Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    Close to Chek Isa is Mak Cantik (which means 'beautiful mother' in Malay), an underwater seamount in waters 12-18 metres deep that's home to a large coral garden comprising many hard and soft corals. Some divers prefer this to Chek Isa as the coral gardens here are prettier, including some lovely…

    Chek Isa Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    The submerged reef here is bouyed and starts at 8 meters deep where two huge boulders carpeted in soft corals and anemones form a small canyon. Many cracks conceal smaller critters as well as sponges, worms, squirts and stinging hydriods. Cowries, spider shells and colourful Christmas tree worms are…

    Pulau Kerengga Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    Northwest of China Terjun are the islands of Pulau Kerengga Besar and Pulau Kerengga Kecil with a large expanse of shallow reef which is ideal for snorkellers as well as novice divers. If Cina Terjun is 'eel & lionfish city', Kerengga is 'ray city' as the shallow sandy bottom around it is home to a…

    Marine Headquarters Wreck Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    There is an old wreck of a cargo vessel near the Marine Headquarters on the north of Pulau Pinang. It is now covered in coral and is home to many fish including a stonefish that takes some searching out!