Dive in Negril

    Deep Plane Negril, Jamaica

    Named for the Cessna 152 Airplane resting next to the beautiful overhanging reef at 27m/90ft, this site is full of overhangs, ledges, caverns, sponges, sea fans and corals. It is also well known as an exquisite spot for viewing a host of tropical aquatic life including Queen Angelfish, Spotted Drum…

    King Fish Point Negril, Jamaica

    This is a beautiful dive site for divers who seek to find various species of fishes. It also has beautiful overhanging ledges, which leads into a 130ft great wall. This reef is home to turtles, great back whales and occasionally hammer head shark can be seen!One of NegrilĀ“s best wall dives.

    Tug Boat Negril, Jamaica

    This boat was sunk in 1993 to provide the sea life with an artificial reef.Dive among the remains of the ship and see the great diversity of marine life that has been created over the years. Look for barracuda, scrawled file fish, and the occasional eagle ray passing through the area.

    Shark Reef Negril, Jamaica

    As the name suggests, this site is a good place to spot small reef sharks. This majestic reef provides large overhangs with holes where you can find nurse sharks hanging out during the day. Close to the mooring there is a huge stand of pillar coral, some of the largest to be seen in area of Negril.