Dive in Israel


    Dolphin Reef Dolphin Reef, Israel

    Bottlenose dolphins enclosed in a natural pool by nets.

    Coral Beach Coral Beach, Israel

    Coral beach is a wide sloaping coral reef. There are coral pinnacles over a sandy seabed. The depper pinnacles are the better ones.

    Japanese Gardens Japanese Gardens, Israel

    Very nice living corals. Jacks, barracudas, Whitetip reef sharks.Many table top corals. Needle fish, Unicorn fish and Moray eel. Moses rock, a tower, surrounded by schools of fish.

    Moses Rock Moses Rock, Israel


    Satil Wreck Sufa Wreck, Israel

    The 46m long Sufa Missile Boat sunk in 1994.

    Table Coral Table Coral, Israel


    The Lighthouse The Lighthouse, Israel

    This is a large pinnacle with two big cracks.

    University Beach University Beach, Israel

    artificial reef-building

    Yatush Wreck Yatush Wreck, Israel

    The 15m long Yatush Gunboat was intentionnaly sunk in august 1987 for divers.