Dive in Maluku

    Air Manis Ambon Bay, Indonesia

    Air Manis is one of the best muck diving sites in Indonesia.The dive is in the area of a pier which is used to load and unload fishing boats. The pier and its surrounding is full of interesting macro live.In November 2008 several giant frogfish, flmboyant cuttlefish, pipefish, ghostpipe fish,…

    Hukurila Canyon Ambon Bay, Indonesia

    Hukurila Canyon is a site on the sout coast of Ambon.The dive starts through a canyon which ends in a nice big cave with nice fans, coral and sponges. After the canyon and the cave the dive continues with a wall.In terms of landscape this is IMHO the nicest site on the south coast.

    Laha Ambon Bay, Indonesia

    Laha / Twilight zone is a muck diving site in the bay of Ambon, Indonesia.The site offers a wide range of macro creatures, frog fish, some bat fish, many moray eels and a shoal of scatfish.Since this site is under some piers where fishing boats are loaded and unloaded it can get very load under…

    Maluku Divers House Reef Ambon Bay, Indonesia

    The house reef of Maluku divers is located in front of the dive base in a village named Latuhalat on the south coast of Ambon.This dive spot is also a very good site for night diving. If you're lucky you might spot a very curious octopus on this site (for about 15min it put up big big show for us).…

    Pulau Tiga Ambon Bay, Indonesia

    Pulau Tiga (Three Islands) are 3 small islands close to Ambon.The sites are covered with mostly healthy coral and there is a lot of fish to be seen. There are red tooth trigger fish whereever you look and if there is some current there is also big fish.

    Shipwreck Ambon Bay, Indonesia

    This fairly big wreck lies in the bay of Ambon. The dive starts on the bow on about 35m and follows to main deck up to 8m-10m depth.The wreck has a nice coral cover and is home to many moray eels, frog fish, nudbrach and other small critters.The name of the wreck is not (yet) known. Maluku divers…

    Tanjung Hukurila Ambon Bay, Indonesia

    The Tanjung Hukurila is located on the south coast of Ambon.On the deeper part of the dive you swim aorund a ridge where you can spot pigymy seahorses (Bargibanti), Turtles and if you are lucky also some bigger animals. Second part of the dive is a beautiful wall with rich coral growth and nice…