Dive in Kalimantan

    Channel Entrance Sangalaki, Indonesia

    Coral Gardens Sangalaki, Indonesia

    Just go to the west from the channel and stop at the reef. You'll see some turtles and some blacktipsharks maybe.

    Eel Ridge Sangalaki, Indonesia

    Cool place for Macro photography and night diving! Giant clams, cuttlefish and lots of critters.

    Lighthouse Reef Sangalaki, Indonesia

    A cool dive compared to other drift dives of the reef! Nice marine sea life; good for snorkeling. And close to the main dive site to see mantas!

    Manta Avenue Sangalaki, Indonesia

    Drift dive or even better snorkel between 4 and 5 pm! You'll drift down all the way to Manta Run and the boat can pick you up at Sandy Ridge. Be careful not to drift to far into the deep. Stay close to the shallow parts o the reef - there's a lot more interesting stuff to see. It's a great place to…

    Manta Parade Sangalaki, Indonesia

    Drift Dive with mantas and a nice reef in the shallows.Here manta rays come from all directions, their wing tipsbreaking the surface at regular intervals and circle around you. Theypreferto swim close to the surface, so actually snorkeling is also a goodway to interactwith them. They congregate here…

    Manta Run Sangalaki, Indonesia

    Mantas - MANY Mantas! Start the dive at Manta Parade and drift down all the way to Manta Run. Best time of the day: Between 4 and 5 pm. Try to drift where the water is only 10m deep when the sun is sending rays of warm yellow evening light through the surface. You'll see billions of iridescent blue…

    Sandy Ridge Sangalaki, Indonesia

    THE place to see cuttlefish mate or lay eggs.Some crocodile fish, some turtles, some lionfish and nice coral.

    Sherwood Forest Sangalaki, Indonesia

    Like Manta Run. It's a drift dive through sandy valleys between coral reefs. You'll see lots of mantas and a very beautiful reef in the shallows. Always look up to the surface - that's where the mantas normally pass by.

    Turtle Town Sangalaki, Indonesia

    Nice reef there. Take a drift dive to the west then you'll end up at the entrance of sandy ridge. Turtle town often offers mating green turtles and has som nice coral with sand areas in between. the shallows near the lagoon are nice!

    Maratua Channel Maratua, Indonesia

    Usually you will enter the channel at the end of a drift dive coming from Small Fish Country. You can rest a while at the lower rim of the channels entrance at "Big Fish Country".Dive only at beginning high tide when the current is flowing into the lagoon. Sometimes 6+ knots current! Try reef hooks…

    Maratua Jellyfish Lakes Maratua, Indonesia

    Not too many people have yet visitet these lakes. They are smaller than the one on Kakaben but the species differ in color from the jellyfish on kakaben island. Watch out - there might still be some saltwater crocks inside.

    Maratua Paradise House Reef Maratua, Indonesia

    Relaxing drift dive alongside a beautiful reef although some parts have been damaged by storms. You'll see lots of green sea turtles! Visibility changes from poor to excellent within hours - one never can tell.

    Maratua Paradise Resort Jetty Maratua, Indonesia

    Great place for nightdiving! Shallow sandy area with a slight current drifting south. Stargazers, stonefish, pipefish, ribbon eels and so on... Don't forget your camera.

    Turtle Traffic Maratua, Indonesia

    If you like to see green seaturtles this is the place to go. Maybe 30 on a dive. Cool spot for a nice and relaxing drift dive. Also you might see small groups of barracudas, jackfish, stingrays and so on. Take your time to search for critters on the reef. This side of maratua is really nice for…

    Big Fish Country Maratua, Indonesia

    Thisdive site is situated at the entrance of the big channel whichconnects thelagoon with the outer sea. The channel itself is literally swept cleanby thevery strong currents and only the edges are covered with nice corals.The diveusually starts at the outside reef and you are swept by the…

    Shark City Maratua, Indonesia

    Shark City is is similar to the dive site Big Fish Country. It's also a channel connecting to the lagoon. You might see hammerheads andeaglerays. Both dive sites should only be dived, when the tides are right.

    Barracuda point Kakaban, Indonesia

    This is a steep wall, where thecurrent brings large pelagics like whitetip sharks, leopard sharks,jacks, tunas,barracudas, snappers, trevally and of course a large school ofbarracudas. Youcan do a drift dive but a grab line has been permanently secured at 24m acrossa relatively flat area on the…

    Blue light cave Kakaban, Indonesia

    This dive is only for experienceddivers, since you normally dive down quite deep to exit the cave. Thecave startsat a hole on the top of the wall (2 m deep at low tide) and descends through anarrow chimney.At about 21m the chimney opens into a large cavern with the bottom at30 m.You swim along the…

    Jellyfish Lake Kakaban, Indonesia

    In the middle ofthis island there is a mangrove fringed lake, slightly above sea level,where thousandsof non-stinging jellyfish live. The jellyfish consist of fourdifferent species.They are non stinging, having lost their natural defense systembecause of thelack of major predators in the lake. This…

    Samama Channel Samama, Indonesia

    Great divesite for macro photography with sometimes strong currents. But on the other hand big stingrays and sometimes whalesharks. Hard to decide which lens to take. Sandy areas in the middle of that channel which is about 250m wide. Nice reef on the sides. Giant clams, staghorn coral and lots of…

    Samama Mangroves Samama, Indonesia

    Really cool place for a shallow water dive. Lots of snakes! Some venomous some not. I heard that there might be a crocodile but I haven't seen it. You'll see all the juvenile fish of the reef in front of the mangroves for example baby blacktip sharks. Lots of stingrays - watch out.

    Pulau Belambangan Pulau Belambangan, Indonesia

    Exploration diving! Untoughed reefs - great coral and many turtles.

    Pulau Sambit Pulau Sambit, Indonesia

    Exploration diving. Lot's of Hawksbill Turtles and great coral. Beware of tigersharks!