Dive in Guanaja Island

    Bayman Drop Guanaja Island, Honduras

    Black Rock Canyon Guanaja Island, Honduras

    Black Rock Canyon presents a maze of caves and tunnels, which was created long ago by volcanic activity. There are plenty of silverside sardines, glassy sweepers, groupers, and barracudas. Sharks and moray eels are known to sleep in its nooks and crannies — be sure to bring a dive light.

    Don Enrique Wreck Guanaja Island, Honduras

    The wall here drops 24 meters to a sandy bottom, which slopes down to a sunken shrimp boat, the Don Enrique Wreck. Its mast stabbing 15 meters up through the water. Both the wreck and the wall are teeming with sealife, often including spotted eagle rays.

    Jim’s Silverlode Guanaja Island, Honduras

    Jim’s Silverlode presents a tunnel along the wall at a depth of 21 meters which will bring divers into a sandy-bottomed amphitheater-like area populated by huge groupers, yellowtails, moray eels, and swarms of silverside sardines. This is an intermediate-level dive.

    The Pinnacle Guanaja Island, Honduras

    The Pinnacle is located in a channel, it stands on a sandy bottom at 41m/135ft, rising to a point about 16,7m/ 55ft below the surface. The pinnacle is covered with gorgonian, wire, and black coral, while seahorses, groupers, and spotted drums swim nearby.Divers typically dive to 24 meters and then…

    Vertigo Guanaja Island, Honduras

    Vertigo is site along the barrier reef which presents a wall with spectacular drop-offs. The top of the wall is at about 11 meters, drops to 49 meters where there is a sandy shelf, then drops off again beyond sight. Black and white sea lilies (crinoids) can be seen here.