Dive in Ionian


    HMS Perseus Kefallonia Island, Greece

    The temple Kefallonia Island, Greece

    A great wall with excellent biodiversity and a huge cavern.

    Aris Place Leucade Island, Greece


    Canyon Leucade Island, Greece

    There is canyon with a cave that you can penetrate for 30 meters and exit from the other side

    Light House Leucade Island, Greece

    Amazing wall dive with ggreat marin life. Every time you dive in this place yoy will discover diffrent marine life

    Scorpidi Leucade Island, Greece

    Sparti Leucade Island, Greece

    The Blue Cave Leucade Island, Greece

    Hilda Hilda, Greece


    Barracuda Reef Zante Island, Greece

    Originally called "Marzelou"! Due to a usual slight current, this dive site gathers all kinds of fishes, and usually when the current is a bit stronger, big schools of Barracudas, can be spotted at the deep part, behind a single Rock, which is the reason of the original name.

    Butterfly Cave Zante Island, Greece

    A cavern dive - A fantastic small cave, starting from the surface, and going down to 18m. The name was given because of it's unique shape, that looks like a butterfly with open wings!

    Elephant Reef Zante Island, Greece

    The deepest dive-spot on the island (so far!). Just because it goes deep, it doesn't mean that you have to go deep, if you don't want to! If you follow the wall, there is always big fish in group formations at 25-30m, and at the end of the dive, you can swim through some fantastic tunnels at 16-22m.

    Keri Caves Zante Island, Greece

    CAVE DIVER'S PARADISE!!! - For the experienced divers, it?s like heaven! For the beginners, it's the best way to experience a new way of diving!2 Caves for all levels, and 1 Cave only for REAL experienced divers! A small lake inside the mountain, is the reward for everyone!

    Little Bay Zante Island, Greece

    Almost a cavern dive - The ideal place for beginners, or those who want to relax! Nice u/w rock formations, gather many small fishes, which find it as the perfect place to hide from their predators. It even hides 2 small caves, ideal also for snorkellers! (source: diversparadise.gr)

    Little Big Rock Zante Island, Greece

    A "tropical" looking bay, with fantastic visibility, which is always min.18-20m. Sandy white bottom with nice u/w rock formations, make it ideal for U/W Photography.

    Marathia Zante Island, Greece

    Cavern Paradise!!! A sheltered bay, with 6 caverns, one after the other! Eventually, inhabited by a monk-seal! In most of these Caverns, divers can ascent to the surface, and 2 of them, include a small lake, inside the mountain! Many Sulfur springs in the area, remind their presence, through the…

    Marathonissi Zante Island, Greece

    The closest dive site. A very nice dive site for all levels of divers. Starts in a shallow and protected bay, and ends far out, round a big rock, over the surface.Lots of fishes, but in small sizes. They call it also "XL-Aquarium". A very easy, long and shallow dive, usually as the second dive of…

    Octopus Reef Zante Island, Greece

    Ideal for both beginners and experienced divers! The nesting area of the Octopuses! Starts from a sheltered bay, and ends over a Drop-Off, that goes down to -50m! Until the middle of July, many lobsters cab be seen at -30m, or deeper.

    The Arch Zante Island, Greece

    Maybe the "Most Wanted" Dive Site! Combines everything: Deep Walls, Caves, Caverns, U/W Tunnel, plenty of fishes, and the highlight: A submerged Arc, starting at 12m, which is the "official" entrance to the Deep Sea!

    Two Columns Zante Island, Greece

    A full Circle, swimming around 2 Huge Rocks, forms a natural channel between the Rocks & the mountain, and ends swimming through a narrow tunnel at 2m depth! Ideal with a slight current!

    White Reef Zante Island, Greece

    Underwater Tunnel - The most interesting tunnel to explore! Starting from the surface, dividing into 3 different smaller tunnels, and withan exit like a butterfly, makes it ideal not only for U/W Photography, but mostly for every Cave Diver "to be"! Many Customers told us, that we should rename this…

    Pisina Pisina, Greece

    Amazing crystal waters and underwater scenery